The Highest Bidder , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2186
ISBN: 978-0-373-73199-2
October 2012
Series Romance

Washington, D.C. – Present Day

It was a hard fought battle during the auction at Waverly's, but financial guru Chase Harrington won the copy of the final manuscript penned by the late popular children's author D.B. Dunbar. The lady who was bidding against Chase intrigues him, not only because he wonders if she is in collusion with the auction owners to up the bidding, but also because her beauty attracts him like no woman has done before. Chase learns that her name is Vanessa Partridge and that she is a daycare teacher in Washington, D.C. And that she has twin baby daughters. So why did she want the manuscript so badly? Paying her a visit to learn the truth, he soon stumbles upon it—the late author was secretly the twins' father and that Vanessa wanted the manuscript for her children.

Vanessa grew up as a child of parents who could provide her a topnotch education and career in law, but she chose to go into teaching. She further alienated them by becoming pregnant…with no father in sight. She wanted the manuscript as a legacy for her children and is unhappy that she lost the bid. However, when Chase turns up on her doorstep, she can't deny the stir of desire she feels for him, even though he is not the right man for her. Chase has his own secrets, and when she questions him, he pushes her away. Then there is the issue of why he wanted the manuscript…why does a man with no family want a children's author's last work?

A PRECIOUS INHERITANCE is filled with secrets and omissions by Chase and Vanessa as they both try to make the best of bad situations. Their meeting in New York City was fate—and one that is carried on as Chase pursues Vanessa for the truth of why she's after the manuscript. The sizzling attraction between them is denied by both—yet neither can stay away from the other. Slowly and surely, Vanessa learns more about Chase, even though it is like pulling teeth, and she discovers if there is more to him than a man who knows how to make money. Can she win the way into his heart?

Vanessa has always defied her privileged parents' lifestyle by going against the norm. Her pregnancy—and resulting refusal to tell them the name of the father—has left her raising her children alone. But this is fine with her. When Chase discovers Vanessa's connection to D.B. Dunbar, she fears for her privacy, but he promises her that her secret is safe. Chase appears sincere, even as he bounces back and forth from kissing her and then pushing her away. In A PRECIOUS INHERITANCE, trust is a big issue that has to be addressed before Vanessa and Chase can have their happily-ever-after.

Paula Roe pens an intriguing and sensual tale of a couple battling to keep their secrets safe while learning to trust one another. Will trust and love win in the end? Find out for yourself in the enthralling A PRECIOUS INHERITANCE.

Patti Fischer