The Bad Boys , Book 2
Avon Impulse
ISBN-13:  978-0-062-23084-3
February 2014
Contemporary Romance

New York City Present Day

Jane Sparks's story starts when her roommate Roxanne posts on Facebook that Jane and Duke Austen, an infamously bad boy billionaire, are engaged.  Not being furious, Duke instead proposes an idea: the engagement continues, making it seem as if Duke is turning over a new leaf, and persuading other businessmen that he is serious about his new startup company that will need millions of dollars to get up and running.  In exchange, Jane will get a date to her ten year high school reunion with a rich, famous, handsome man as her fiancé!  Perfect for both of them!  Jane's old boyfriend of twelve years dumped her the day she lost her job as a librarian in a small city close to New York, and she impulsively moved to New York to start a new life and not have to face everyone in her small town.  Jane now wants the pretend engagement to be real, but Duke never really reveals his true feelings about what is between them.

To further make things interesting, Jane completes writing her historical romance novel which sort of follows her real life situation, only with names almost cleverly disguised, and Roxanne helps her self-publish it on Amazon.  But, as luck would have it, soon the whole city somehow realizes the similarities between the story and their true life situation, and Duke's investors are justifiably nervous about being swindled.  Shall Jane give up her dream that has come true and continue writing, or shall she give up Duke so he can save his fledgling business?  And when Sam, the old boyfriend, comes back in her life, Jane has to decide which way to go that could decide her future.

Maya Rodale has written a novel that is so fresh and intriguing, with so many twists and turns, one can hardly keep up unless you have read other stories by her.  First, the story is written as though Jane is talking directly to you, which has become very popular recently.  Then, when Jane decides to write her historical romance, she decides she shouldn't use her real name because of her engagement and her well-known boyfriend, so she calls herself, who else, Maya Rodale!  Is that too cute or what?  And then Jane's first book that she self publishes with her friend Roxanne's help is called THE WICKED WALLFLOWER, which is an actual story written by the real Maya Rodale, which, can you guess, I also reviewed.  And, such a coincidence, THE WICKED WALLFLOWER is a historical novel featuring a nobleman and a wallflower who, get this, pretend to be engaged so that he can get investors for his company!  Oh the evil coincidences put in by Ms. Rodale! 

In this book, Jane's boyfriend Duke is a secondary character: rich, enigmatic, funny, and up until meeting Jane, something of a playboy.  Jane's roommate is Roxanne, the culprit behind Duke and Jane meeting, and alternately egging Jane on and giving her sage advice.

THE BAD BOY BILLIONAIRE'S GIRL GONE WILD is a wild and freaky ride as we follow Jane and Duke's relationship during a difficult time in their lives.  Following THE BAD BOY BILLIONAIRE'S WICKED ARRANGEMENT (December 2013), Jane and Duke's relationship goes through trials, and leads eventually to THE BAD BOY BILLIONAIRE: WHAT A GIRL WANTS (May 2014) where an important problem comes to the forefront:  Will Duke go to Jane's high school reunion as he promised, or will she go to the important IPO party of his startup company?  This is an outrageous story, so fasten your seatbelt and be prepared to enjoy every minute of your adventure.

Carolyn Crisher