The Gilded Age Girls Club, Book 2
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-283883-4
May 2019
Historical Romance

New York City - 1883

Theodore Prescott the Third, well known rogue of Manhattan, is in big trouble with his fabulously wealthy, steel magnet father. Theo's now well-known escapade in Saratoga with a popular actress has pushed Theodore Prescott the Second to put his foot down. Theo must marry, put his rakish life behind him, and become a responsible heir. This is not at all what Theo wants, for he knows he is not cut out to run his father's business or be a husband for that matter. But when Father announces just which New York socialite he must marry, Theo is both horrified and, more than anything, uncomfortable. Even though he grew up with his potential bride, he knows they are far from compatible.

Studious, outspoken, and not exactly a beauty, Miss Daisy Swan has managed to convince her lovely mother and broker father to let her attend school instead of going on the marriage market after her coming out. Daisy is working on a personal cosmetic product that she plans to manufacture someday, despite the fact that anything relating to personal products for women is just "not done" by any proper young Lady. Determination is Daisy's motto, until the day her mother reveals to her that there are some unfortunate events going on with her father's work, and it's imperative that Daisy wed immediately before society gets wind of anything. And, after consulting with the man's father, Mrs. Swan has arranged a betrothal with Theodore Prescott the Third. Stunned and angry, Daisy informs her mother that she knows how Daisy feels about Theo. When they were thirteen, he teased her in public, stole the book she was reading, and when she fell in the pond trying to retrieve it, called her, in front of everyone, Ugly Duck Daisy - a sad nickname that has stuck with her ever since that day. No, she will not marry Theo!

Thrown together, Daisy and Theo come to a tentative agreement to play along, with no intention of completing the marriage agreement. They dutifully attend public events, balls, and are seen in his carriage riding through Central Park. But that's all for show. Or is it? Theo is intrigued by Daisy's cosmetic business, even though her marketing skills are non-existent. Maybe he can help, and then, if Daisy is successful, they can go their separate ways.

SOME LIKE IT SCANDALOUS is a delightfully refreshing tale of the Gilded Age, when money was flowing like water for some, and women were coming of age and rebelling against the Victorian mores. Daisy is breaking with tradition, the youngest, and least lovely, of a traditional family. Her mother only wants to protect her daughter's future, and reputation. For Theo, the knowledge that he is not what his father wants in an heir, is daunting, but he will find another route in life, and maybe earn his sire's respect.

THE GILDED AGE GIRLS CLUB series is wonderful. The coming of age of women and the glitz and glamour of that era make for lots of wonderful tales. Don't miss SOME LIKE IT SCANDALOUS.

Jani Brooks