Uniformly Hot! Series
Harlequin Blaze
ISBN: 978-0-373-79915-2
October 2016
Contemporary Romance

Elizabeth City, North Carolina and Virgin Islands – Present Day

After tragically losing her brother in an unfortunate accident while he was working for the United States Coast Guard SAR (Search and Rescue) team, nurse Cassie Rowe is about to come face to face with memories of her brother. She is in North Carolina at the Coast Guard base volunteering to join a hurricane rescue squad that's flying down to the Virgin Islands. It's the night before she leaves and, sitting in a bar, she locks eyes with an attractive man. The two hit it off and end up spending the night together. The next morning, Cassie joins her group as they head out, and learns to her horror that her one-night stand is Mark Sampson, the pilot whom the Rowe family blames for her brother's death. For the next couple of weeks, Cassie and Mark are going to be spending a lot of time together.

Mark was in the bar that night because of his anxiety of facing the next day, his first flight since Jeff Rowe died. Mark has guilt over what happened, but in reality it was just a tragic accident. However, Jeff's family blames him, and coming face to face with Cassie–the anonymous woman who rocked his night—he feels a sense of dread. Why is Cassie here, knowing they are about to go into a dangerous place where an active hurricane still presents problems? What about the searing attraction between them that won't die? Mark tries to avoid Cassie, but fate and the pull of attraction continue to bring them together.

An instant case of lust to push aside their worries initially brings Cassie and Mark together in HIS TO PROTECT and they end up taking a walk on the wild side. After realizing the connection between them in regards to Jeff, Mark wants to discourage Cassie from putting her life in danger, but like her brother, she wants to break free of the parental ropes that have bound her to her parents' Idaho home. Once in the Virgin Islands, the conditions and medical issues of the folks there temporarily lessen Mark's concerns. But after his emergency medical assistant is injured, it is Cassie who volunteers to go on a dangerous mission with him. Mark protests, but his commanding officer overrides his objections. Things don't exactly go well, which only increases his concerns. Cassie is okay, but she experiences an epiphany: she enjoys working as part of an SAR team.

Cassie had always been the good girl who followed her parents' orders and let Jeff experience the thrill of dangerous activities. After Jeff's death, she has this crazy idea to honor his memory by going to the Virgin Islands where people need her despite the dangers. Yet, she is anxious over what could happen, and after realizing Mark was the pilot when Jeff died, she is at first angry, but then discovers there is more to what happened that day. Cassie soon learns that Mark is honorable, loyal, and feels guilt over Jeff's death, even though he was absolved during the investigation.

In HIS TO PROTECT, the author gives readers a great glimpse into the Coast Guard SAR procedures and how they are dedicated to their jobs. This tale swings back and forth from the dangers of their assignments and the fiery hot passion that sizzles between Mark and Cassie. The sex scenes are sensual, and the action packed scenes tense. Readers will be glued to their seats and won't want to miss how it all ends in HIS TO PROTECT.

Patti Fischer