Bayou Billionaires , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2445
ISBN: 978-0-373-73458-0
May 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City and New Orleans – Present Day

Football quarterback Jean-Pierre Reynaud and heiress Tatiana Doucet have known each other pretty much all their lives, but it wasn't until ten months ago that they had a blistering one night affair. He ended it because she is the daughter of the team's owner and because there still exists a longstanding feud between their families. Jean-Pierre hasn't seen Tatiana since then, but now she's back in town, ready to annoy him. But first, she invites him to her house, where she introduces him to their newborn son.

Tatiana has pretty much always had a thing for Jean-Pierre, but the family feud has kept her from pursuing him, until that one night they gave into the passion. She wants him to know about his son, but doesn't expect him to feel responsible. Jean-Pierre has other ideas, which include an immediate marriage. She turns him down, but after persuading her to come with him to New Orleans where he'll be attending his brother's wedding, he turns on the charms. But all Tatiana wants is his love, which is something he's not about to give her…at this moment.

As a member of the powerful Reynaud family, which owns a football team in New Orleans, Jean-Pierre has tried to keep his own separate identity by signing with the team in New York owned by Tatiana's father, despite the long family feud between the families. His friendship with Tatiana has endured, though he has kept her at an arm's length in order to not jeopardize his future with the team. But now that she has borne him a son, all bets are off and he plans to claim his family.

Tatiana has always been in her father's shadow—cossetted and treated like a child. When she tells him about the baby and Jean-Pierre being the father, he surprisingly lets them work things out. Tatiana and Jean-Pierre want to decide things between them before the world learns. Once the press finds out she gave birth to his child, they'll be hounded and invite even more questions. With his family around, he romances Tatiana, hoping a marriage will be the end result. But, love? Not a chance will he give his heart to a woman. However, things may soon change.

A sizzling fourth book in the Bayou Billionaires series, SECRET BABY SCANDAL has secret babies, family feuds, and a long simmering friendship to romance that will hook readers right from the start. Will a marriage between Jean-Pierre and Tatiana bridge the gap to end the long feud between the families? There is no doubting the seriously hot desire that sizzles between Jean-Pierre and Tatiana, but is it enough for them to find everlasting love?

An entertaining and intriguing read, I highly recommend readers grab a copy of SECRET BABY SCANDAL to find out why.

Patti Fischer