Bayou Billionaires , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2436
ISBN: 978-0-373-73449-8
March 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

New Orleans Present Day

As the personal assistant to the New Orleans Hurricanes' football head coach Dempsey Reynaud, Adelaide Thibodeaux has done just about everything for her boss. But, pretend to be his fiancée? Dempsey announced their engagement at a post-game press conference and she knows he did it in order to keep her from resigning as his assistant. She wants to embark on a new venture starting a clothing line dedicated to the sports minded woman, and Dempsey seems bent on stopping her. Granted, they've known each other since they were children, but never in a romantic way. Now he's moving her into his house, and they're discovering the closeness is opening up an unexpected attraction for each other. Will carrying on an affair while pretending to be engaged only end up with someone hurt?

Dempsey feels the only woman who knows him best is Adelaide, and he doesn't want to lose her. Not when the football season is about to start and he doesn't need distractions. But she turns out to be a big distraction when she's under his roof and all he can think about is making love to her. Dempsey knows Adelaide still is planning on leaving, but will he have to do the one thing he never expected to do: take a trip down the wedding aisle with her?

The New Orleans Hurricanes are expecting to go all the way to the Super Bowl this season and Dempsey wants everything to be perfect for him in HIS SECRETARY'S SURPRISE FIANCÉ. Of course, he was being outrageous in declaring to the press that Adelaide had agreed to marry him, but he was desperate after she turned in her resignation. He knows she wouldn't call him out on it publically and he uses that knowledge to his advantage when pressing his reasons to her for keeping up with the phony engagement.  Moving her into his house is a stroke of genius to make it appear they're madly in love. However, Dempsey soon wants Adelaide in his bed and is pleased when she agrees to a fling.

Adelaide has watched Dempsey grow from a neglected child to a self-assured man helping his family run a business empire. The family business is football, and with Dempsey at the helm of the team as its coach, nothing is going to stop them from reaching the top. He wants her by his side, but is he stifling her dreams in order to achieve his? When will Dempsey realize that he's in love with Adelaide? Can she have what she wants and the man she loves?

Part of the four book series Bayou Billionaires , which is about the four Reynaud brothers and the business of football, HIS SECRETARY'S SURPRISE FIANCÉ is a steamy read that's just perfect for this romantic tale set against the decadence and exotic locale of New Orleans. Dempsey never thought he'd find love in his boardroom or that the bedroom would become their favorite place to cuddle and do much more. Grab an icy cold drink and THE SECRETARY'S SURPRISE FIANCÉ today.

Patti Fischer