The McNeill Magnates
, Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2566
ISBN: 978-1-335-97126-5
January 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Altos Hills, California and New York City – Present Day

Damon McNeill searched months for his wife, Caroline, after she disappeared, while everyone else was convinced she'd walked out on him and never wanted to see him again. Damon finally gave up and resumed his old life, but one day, Caroline shows up at their Los Altos Hills home, claiming to have partial amnesia and that she doesn't remember their marriage. She also claims that she was kidnapped and after she was released, she returned to her father's home. The only clue she has of their marriage is finding their marriage certificate. Damon wonders if she's telling the truth, or is fishing for something from him.

Caroline was indeed kidnapped and held in Mexico, but she was told that Damon refused to pay the ransom. After many months in captivity—and realizing that she was pregnant—she was released, where she soon gives birth to her and Damon's son. Now she has to know the truth…did Damon really turn his back on her? She also needs to tell him about their child. Meanwhile, Damon is dealing with a threat to his company's future: Caroline's father wants to take over the company and depose Damon as CEO. Is this all connected to what has happened this past year?

Readers of Joanne Rock's last Desire, HIS PREGNANT SECRETARY, will be familiar with Damon and his frantic quest to find Caroline. It had been a futile search and she was presumed dead, but in CLAIMING HIS SECRET HEIR, she shows up at the gates to his mansion. Damon is shocked to see Caroline, but he's also suspicious of her purported kidnapping claim. Even the law enforcement authorities assumed she'd just walked out on him. For this reason, he can't just forget what happened and accept her back into his life. Caroline also is reticent around him, which only magnifies his suspicion. Just when he thought their marriage was irreparably broken, she informs him that she gave birth to his son. Now, he must claim his son…and that means trying to accept Caroline.

In CLAIMING HIS SECRET HEIR, readers will feel the emotion reverberating between Damon and Caroline. She still loves him, but doesn't trust him because she feels he abandoned her as this is what her father told her. Damon thinks she willingly left him, though her kidnapping soon seems plausible. Then there is her father…is she more loyal to him or Damon? Everything that happened to Caroline appears to lead back to her father. Was the man involved in the kidnapping? Caroline does have selective amnesia, but by the end of CLAIMING HIS SECRET HEIR, everything is resolved. Meanwhile, to protect his new family, Damon takes them on a trip to New York City, where he hopes to find some answers that might save his marriage.

Part of The McNeill Magnate series, CLAIMING HIS SECRET HEIR can be read as a standalone without too much difficulty, as this tale is solely about Damon and Caroline, with a few pop-ins from the rest of his family. This book is one filled with plenty of emotion as Damon and Caroline work their way back to rediscovering the love they had a year ago. Don't miss CLAIMING HIS SECRET HEIR.

Patti Fischer