A Weird Girls Novel, Book 3
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-41675-9
January 2014
Urban Fantasy Romance

Tahoe City, California - Present Day

With the man she loves being forced to marry someone else, Celia Wird has moved out of her family home and onto the estate of Master Vampire Misha Aleksandr.  Celia and her sisters were cursed by an aunt when Celia was born, but the curse went awry, and all four sisters have unusual powers.  Celia has an inner tigress as well as the ability to shift into other animals, and also through the ground.  Thanks to her abilities, she's been tasked with fighting the Tribe, a group of supernatural beings intent on bringing down the world.  The war that started with the Tribe has changed the lives of the Wird sisters in many ways, but the most heartbreaking for Celia is the loss of her lover, Aric.  Aric is a pureblood were, and the Elders of his pack are insisting that he marry another pureblood were—something Celia is most definitely not.  Unable to disobey his Alpha, Aric is about to marry Barbara, and Celia is doing her best to deal with it.  Being taught how to fight by Misha and his sadistic training crew has taken her mind off her pain a little, but when she realizes that someone is trying to kill her, she has even more to worry about.

CURSED BY DESTINY is the third book in the Weird Girls series, and continues Celia's fight against the Tribe.  The series includes a full cast of characters that can be a bit confusing at times if you are new to the series.  Celia's sister Taran is mated to the wolf, Gemini; Shayna to the wolf Koda, and even Emme is involved with a wolf, Liam.  While her sisters have been accepted by the Elders of the pack, because of her relationship with Aric, Celia has not.  Misha has claimed that Celia is the weapon to bring down the Tribe, and since her relationship with Aric ended, Celia is happy to get away from the wolves, even if it means living with the self-absorbed vampires who aren't her biggest fans.  There is a lot happening, both with the battle with the Tribe and the everyday things in life, so it may be better to read the books in order to have a better understanding.

Celia has been a fighter her whole life and is a pretty tough woman who is not intimidated by much.  She and her sisters tried to stay under the radar of the supernatural world and were successful until recently.  Now the Wird sisters are fighting against evil supernatural forces as well as demons, and are facing horrific challenges.  At the same time, they are starting to find a place in a world where they never have fit in before.  Supernatural war mixes with heartbreak, laughs and family in the intriguing CURSED BY DESTINY.

Jennifer Bishop