Weird Girls , Book 5
ISBN: 978-0-553-39459-7
March 2015
Urban Fantasy eRomance

Lake Tahoe, California - Present Day

For most girls, a marriage proposal should be a romantic moment that will become a wonderful story to tell afterwards, but Celia Wird is not most girls.  When her mate, Aric Connor, proposes to her, it starts out as chaos when Aric's Pack is unable to control the horses they are riding (to create the perfect romantic scene) and, before Celia can give her answer, the group is attacked by shapeshifters.  Of course, since Celia and her sisters were cursed by a witch, nothing ever seems to go the way it would for most girls.  Eventually Celia is able to tell Aric yes, but not before Celia and her sisters, along with Aric and his Pack, once again have to face a bloody battle with evil.

In the weeks following the proposal/attack, Celia and Aric find themselves increasingly short-tempered.  Though they'd both been taking time off after the fight that led to Celia losing their unborn child, duty calls for Celia and Aric.  As Pack leader, Aric has responsibilities to see to, but he's also been tasked with finding Shah, a rock with the ability to grant wishes.  In the wrong hands, Shah could enable evil to run unchecked, so the weres , working with the witches, are hoping to find it before their enemies do.  Then Tahoe's master vampire, Misha, asks Celia to find Shah for him, and Celia and her sisters join in the hunt.  It's not long before everybody's tempers are running hot, but is it the natural distrust between the weres , witches and vamps, or is something more evil at play?

Life has never been easy for Celia and her sisters, and they are in for another ordeal in A CURSE UNBROKEN.  A curse by a witch backfired, leaving the sisters with unusual powers, and after being outed to the magical community, they've found themselves in one battle after another but with some joyful moments along the way.  Celia and Aric are in love and mated, but they faced opposition to their union, which resulted in the loss of their child.  Youngest sister, Emme, has recently lost her lover but is moving on; Shayna suffered during the battle with Anara (a Pack Elder who objected to Celia and Aric being mates) but she and her mate, Koda, are doing okay.  Taran, however, lost an arm during the battle, and though her matebond with Gemini managed to regenerate a new arm, it looks unusual and has hampered her powers.  There is also tension between Taran and Gemini, which only gets worse as coven leader, Genevieve, isn't shy about her interest in Gemini.  For the most part, three of the sisters have found their mates and are happy, but the road they are travelling is far from smooth.

Because of the continuing storyline, it's probably best to read the Weird Girls series in order, and this is an intriguing series well worth the read.  While there is plenty of life-threatening action, there is also a lighter side to the series, and we definitely see a fun-loving side to Celia that we would never have expected from her.  Though a bit dark at times, A CURSE UNBROKEN is a truly enjoyable book.

Jennifer Bishop