TWISTED - K. A. Robinson
Torn Series , Book 2
Atria Books
ISBN: 978-1-4767-5216-7
November 2013
Contemporary Romance

West Virginia and Maryland - Present Day

As her first year of college is coming to a close, Chloe Richards's life seems to be smoothing out.  Her attraction to Drake almost cost Chloe her best friend, Logan, but she and Logan have finally come to realize that friendship is what works best for them…not romance. She's also moved in with Drake after he admitted that he loved her.  In a few weeks, she'll be traveling with Drake and his band as they tour the East Coast, and life is pretty good.  Then, Chloe's mom, Andrea, arrives.

Chloe spent most of her childhood with her abusive, drug and alcohol addicted mother, until her mom left her behind and Chloe moved in with her friend Amber.  She hadn't heard from her in years, and now Andrea shows up, insisting that Chloe go with her to see Andrea's dying sister.  Chloe remembers Aunt Jen as a wonderful woman she spent a summer with before her mother took off for good, and is sad to learn that she's dying. She also knows her mother well enough to know that there's something in it for Andrea to bring Chloe to her aunt.  With Drake about to leave for his tour, the timing couldn't be worse, but she intends to say goodbye to her aunt, while making sure that Andrea doesn't profit from her wealthy sister's death in any way.

This decision will test Drake's and Chloe's love in ways they never could have anticipated in the compelling book, TWISTED.  Neither had an easy childhood, and they both were shaped by those difficulties in ways that have challenged their relationship from the beginning.  Chloe agrees to spend time with her cousin Danny, which brings her into contact with his best friend Jordan, Chloe's first lover.  Though Drake trusts Chloe, it's easy for him to see that Jordan wants her, and he struggles with jealousy over their previous connection.  Chloe knows that her mother will cause trouble, but she trusts that Drake, Danny, and Jordan will protect her.   

The sequel to TORN, TWISTED picks up where the first book left off, and it's probably a good idea to read them in order.  Either way, TWISTED is an emotional, engaging story.

Jennifer Bishop