TORN - K.A. Robinson
The Torn Series , Book 1
Atria Books
ISBN: 978-1-4767-5213-6
September 2013
New Adult Contemporary Romance

West Virginia University - Present Day

Chloe has spent most of her young life surviving her abusive mother and studying, and hasn't paid too much attention to guys.  But on her first day of college, she finds herself attracted to a guy in her first class—a guy who looks like the definition of “bad boy.”  She's a little surprised by the feelings she has for this stranger, yet even more shocking is the attitude of her best friend, Logan, when he realizes the other man is checking out Chloe.  She later finds out that the guy from class is the lead singer in one of the hottest bands in town, and his name is Drake.

With girls always hanging around Drake, Chloe doesn't take his flirting too seriously, even though her attraction to him grows as she gets to know him better.  While she and her friend Amber are happy to spend time with Drake, it's obvious that Logan doesn't feel the same, and suddenly Chloe is dealing with the knowledge that the man she loves like a brother definitely does not see her as a sister.  How could she not have known that Logan's love for her was a romantic one?  And how is she supposed to reconcile her feelings for Logan, with those she has for Drake?

In TORN, both Chloe and Drake come from troubled backgrounds, and from the moment they meet there's a connection between them.  Because of how she grew up, Chloe treasures the relationships she has, especially with Amber, whose family took Chloe in throughout high school, and Logan who makes Chloe feel safe and secure when the rest of her life is a mess.  Realizing that Logan is in love with her throws Chloe for a loop and has her reevaluating her feelings for him.  The strong feelings she has for Drake complicate things further, but neither of them can see him settling down with one girl.

An intriguing love triangle is at the heart of TORN, creating a captivating and emotional tale.

Jennifer Bishop