LOVE ANOTHER DAY – Gina Robinson
An Agent Ex Novel
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-1-250-03301-7
March 2014
Romantic Suspense

London, England – Present Day

It can be difficult when two exes work for the same company, but for CIA agent Tate Cox and undercover specialist Malene Cox, they're rarely together long enough except to discuss how to co-parent their daughter after their divorce.  But that changes when the agency assigns them to a top-secret job that means they're not only working as a team, but undercover as a couple pretending to be lovers. Their assignment is to transfer a female enemy agent who has a big crush on Tate over to their side. Even as Tate and Malene barely start their undercover assignment, they're already bickering. Will they be able to do their job without killing each other…or will the enemy, RIOT, get to them first?

Tate's handsome good looks always seems to attract the females, and he's done whatever it takes to win an assignment before–even when it meant losing Malene. She still doesn't trust him, and it's surely going to be put to the test again when the object of their assignment is ready to jump Tate's bones. Yet, there is still a sizzle of desire between Malene and Tate. She knows his work is his first love, and that he may never change, but why can't she resist his charms? Pushing aside their attraction, Tate and Malene need to be on total alert as they could be surrounded by RIOT agents…or even SMASH agents, which is the murderous arm of the enemy. Tate wonders how he can keep Malene safe and get the object of their assignment back to the United States. And is he perhaps hoping for reconciliation?

If you haven't read the Agent Ex series, then you might feel you're jumping into the middle of a tennis court with the balls flying. At the center of it all is head honcho Emmett Nelson who is in charge of the National Clandestine Services, a hidden branch of the CIA. It is his decision to pair Tate and Malene together, despite their rocky past as a married couple. In LOVE ANOTHER DAY, the chemistry is still apparent between them, but the bitter end to their marriage has left things sour. Malene is trying to make sure Tate doesn't do anything foolish, like fall in love with the enemy agent, because he has a track record of doing so in the past. Could jealousy be part of Malene's feelings?

With some witty dialogue and fast action scenes, LOVE ANOTHER DAY will have readers on their toes trying to keep up with who is who and what is going to happen next. At the core of this suspenseful tale is Tate and Malene, yet there's plenty of “alone time” for them to rediscover the magic of their attraction once again. But is their future together doomed, either by the RIOT agent or Malene's lack of trust for Tate? For nonstop action, killer dialogue, and some sexy love scenes, grab LOVE ANOTHER DAY.

Patti Fischer