LIVE AND LET LOVE – Gina Robinson
An Agent Ex Novel, Book 3
St Martin's Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-312-54241-2
January 2013
Romantic Suspense

Orchard Bluff, Washington – Present Day

Willow Pierce loved her husbandly Jack dearly, despite his constant traveling as part of a super spy agency. Two years ago he died, his body blown up, leaving her to manage alone. Willow has relocated to the small town of Orchard Bluff and opened a candy store to begin a new life. Then one day, her neighbor's nephew arrives in town and the moment Willow looks into his eyes, she swears that this is Jack, even if he looks and acts differently. But how can this be possible if Jack's dead?

Jack was nearly killed by a drug lord's hired killer and his face badly disfigured. For his and Willow's safety, the agency has decided that Jack remain “dead” and he has been given a new life as Con Russo, a man totally different from Jack Pierce. But when Jack's nemesis moves to Orchard Bluff, the agency realizes it is not a mere coincidence, and that Shane Kennett, aka “the Rooster,” is up to something. And Jack is on the case when he learns the man is wooing Willow. But Jack can't let her know that he's alive, or it could blow his cover and plan…which is to kill the Rooster.

Welcome to the world of sexy and fun novels penned by Gina Robinson. In LIVE AND LET LOVE, Jack has to keep Willow away from the Rooster while making plans to knock off his archenemy. Willow is immediately suspicious of Con/Jack, and it doesn't help that she has an inner “sense” that tells her when things are not the way they seem. Even as Con/Jack denies it, Willow is determined to prove the truth, while Jack has to thwart her tries. Their shenanigans as she tries to trip up Jack in LIVE AND LET LOVE make this tale cute and funny, while the sexual chemistry (and two years apart) has their libidos rising hotter than the sun in the Mojave desert. Add in the fact that Jack has to keep the Rooster away from Willow while also deciding the best way to cleanly kill the man makes for some highly entertaining reading.

Part of the Agent Ex series, readers can read LIVE AND LET LOVE as a standalone. The premise revolves around secret agents and the women they love and left behind. Jack would give anything to be with Willow again, but it's too dangerous. This tale has plenty of suspense and James Bond type gadgets that will have you both marveling and laughing out loud. Add in the fact that the Rooster has folks convinced that Con is the bad guy, well, Jack has a big job ahead of him.

If you love a good suspense with a dose of laughter, then LIVE AND LET LOVE is the book for you and one you'll enjoy from beginning to end.

Patti Fischer