St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-54240-5
June 2012
Romance Suspense

Redmond, Washington – Present Day

After months apart and the divorce papers only needing to be signed, Staci Fields is stunned to open her door and find her soon-to-be-ex Drew Fields standing on the doorstep. Drew works for the CIA as a super spy and is a master at disguises and undercover work. Alas, her big mouth helped to botch an assignment of his six months ago that led to another man's death and Staci getting beaten up. Staci felt then it was time to end their marriage. But, while Drew is telling Staci that he's back in town on a new undercover assignment, someone starts shooting at them in her house. Are they after him or Staci? Drew goes into protective mode and insists that Staci stay with him at his condo until the bad guys are arrested. What Drew hasn't told Staci is that her stepfather is a prime suspect in his assignment and keeping close to her allows him access to the man. More attempts are made against Staci, suddenly making it clear she still isn't safe. Can Drew protect her and also convince her that they should try to make their marriage work?

DIAMONDS ARE TRULY FOREVER is a fast-paced suspenseful tale about spies, traitors and saving the world ala Get Smart style. Drew has all kinds of super duper spy tools, and who'd ever thought the neighborhood had a spy store where you can buy cool gadgets? Staci doesn't want to admit it to Drew, but she finds his job exciting, even if it nearly killed her six months ago. Her major problem with Drew is that he seems to have chosen his work over her since he was always gone, plus her guilt over what happened six months ago as she inadvertently led the bad guy to Drew and his now deceased coworker. But now he is back in town, albeit on assignment, and is determined to woo Staci again, though not trying to be too obvious. First off, he can't let his stepfather-in-law get wind that he's being investigated, and he has to be careful what he says around Staci because she cannot lie successfully. He's afraid she'll spill the beans either to her mother or stepfather. On top of this, Staci's mother suspects her husband is cheating on her because he has unexplained absences and asks Staci to spy on him. So, we have Drew covertly spying on the same man that Staci is spying on to find out if he is cheating on her mother. Along the way are hilarious situations and lively banter between characters. Like in Get Smart , things don't always go smoothly, but our hero and heroine get the job done.

Readers are in for a fun, rollicking read  with DIAMONDS ARE TRULY FOREVER  and you'll be chuckling at the funny scenes—and hoping that Drew and Staci get back together. Gina Robinson is a new author to me, but one I can't wait to read more from. If you love a romantic suspense that is long on funny situations and romantic to boot, then you'll love DIAMONDS ARE TRULY FOREVER.

Patti Fischer