THE LIAR - Nora Roberts
Putnam (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0-399-17086-7
April 2015
Romantic Suspense

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Rendezvous Ridge, Tennessee - Present Day

For the past five years, Shelby Foxworth has lived in the lap of luxury with her husband Richard, and daughter, Callie.  When Richard dies, Shelby finds out just how expensive her lifestyle is and how little Richard has paid for it.  The mini-mansion they've lived in for the past few months has an outrageous mortgage that Richard hasn't made one payment on; the cars are leased, and all of their clothes and furniture were paid for with credit cards.  Worse than the staggering debt though, is realizing just how little Shelby knew about the man she married. Already disillusioned with Richard and their lifestyle, it doesn't take long before Shelby starts selling off whatever she can and makes plans to return to her hometown.

As Shelby starts to settle back into life in the mountains, she renews old friendships and gets a couple of jobs that will help her to clear some of her debt.  Then she meets Griffin Lott, and he charms both Shelby and Callie.  After Richard, Shelby hadn't thought she'd be interested in a relationship again, but Griff is just too difficult to resist.  But when Richard's past comes calling, Shelby knows she has to figure out exactly who Richard was before his misdeeds ruin her future.

Shelby's whirlwind romance led to a disappointing marriage, but it's not until Richard's death that she truly begins to understand what a nightmare she's been living.  The mystery surrounding Richard is only a part of THE LIAR: this is also a book about a woman reclaiming her life and finding love in the process.  In their few short years together, Richard managed to erode any confidence Shelby had in herself, and he kept her separated from the family that would boost her right back up again.  Now that she's back in her hometown, temporarily living with her parents as well as working for her grandmother, Shelby is regaining that confidence, and building a better life for herself and her daughter.  Griff is unexpected, but a welcome distraction from the challenges she's facing.  Handsome, funny and easy to be with, Shelby is drawn to Griff almost right from the start, but what really makes him irresistible is the way he cares for her daughter.  While she's starting to at least dream of what the future could hold for her and Callie, Shelby also knows she'll have to put to rest everything she's learned about Richard, because his past has put Shelby and everyone she loves in danger.

Full of family and friends, romance and suspense, THE LIAR is a captivating book you won't want to miss.

Jennifer Bishop