ISLAND OF GLASS - Nora Roberts
The Guardians , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-425-28012-6
December 2016
Paranormal Romance

Ireland - Present Day

The Guardians may have beaten back Nerezza again, but there's little time to rest.  They've managed to find two of the Stars of Fortune, and all signs indicate the six Guardians need to be in Ireland.  Sasha's visions are leading them to the castle Bran has built for himself – on the land that Doyle grew up on, more than three hundred years ago.

In his very long life, Doyle McCleary has visited pretty much every corner of the world, but hasn't returned to the home he was born in.  There are too many memories of what he's lost, but in order to find the Ice Star and defeat Nerezza, Doyle will once again go home.  A warrior cursed with immortality, Doyle has held himself apart from people for a couple of centuries, yet working with Sasha and Bran, Annika and Sawyer has drawn him into a family again.  What he feels for the final member of their group, Riley, is definitely not brotherly affection – and something he isn‘t happy to be feeling for a woman again.

Riley Gwin, for all she's a Pack animal, is also a bit of a lone wolf.  Working together with the others isn't her usual way of doing things – especially something like searching for the Stars.  She's searched for them for years unsuccessfully, yet in the months since Sasha brought them all together, the group has managed to find two, and now Riley is sure that the six of them are meant to find the third.  She, too, has formed bonds as close as family with the two couples, and struggles just as much with the unwilling attraction she feels for Doyle.

The final book in the Guardians trilogy, ISLAND OF GLASS has our heroes on the verge of finishing their quest.  A few short months earlier they had been strangers, but Sasha, the seer, Bran the sorcerer, Annika, the mermaid, Sawyer, the time traveler, Riley, the lycan and Doyle, the immortal warrior, have now become a family.  They've battled Nerezza, mother of lies, twice, and though they've hurt her, they know she's not done with them yet.  The guardians have relied on Sasha's visions as much as Riley's research, and know they are close to finding the final Star, but that is only half the battle, they also need to find the location of the legendary Island of Glass.

From the first, Doyle and Riley have rubbed each other the wrong way as they've done their best to ignore the attraction they feel for one another.  With Annika and Sawyer pairing up so soon after Bran and Sasha did, Riley and Doyle are the only singles in their group, and Riley's pragmatic nature allows her to make the offer: enjoy each other while they can.  But is it possible for two very guarded people to open up enough to allow love in?  Pick up the engaging ISLAND OF GLASS to find out.

Jennifer Bishop