BLOOD MAGICK - Nora Roberts
The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-425-25987-0
November 2014
Paranormal Romance

County Mayo, Ireland - Present Day

Twice the O'Dwyer cousins and their circle have faced Cabhan, and neither time were they able to defeat the witch who has been after their family since the late 1200's.  Branna O'Dwyer senses that there will be only one more chance for their three to defeat Cabhan, and instrumental to defeating him will be Finbar Burke, Branna's one time lover and a descendant of Cabhan himself.  Once upon a time, Branna and Fin dreamed of a future together, but then they learned of his ancestry and of his curse.  Branna's ancestress, Sorcha, the first to battle Cabhan, cursed him and his descendants as she was dying from her battle wounds, and Fin is one of those descendants.

For many years Fin has traveled the world, returning to Ireland only when necessary because to be near Branna and unable to have her was too much to bear.  Also a witch, Fin knew the time was coming for the three descendants of Sorcha to once again face Cabhan, and he also knew he needed to return.  He's remained friends with and is even business partners with both Connor O'Dwyer and Boyle McGrath, but working with them as well as Branna, Iona and Meara to defeat Cabhan calls for much more than friendship.

The final book in the Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy , BLOOD MAGICK will force Branna and Fin to work together and give them a chance to deal with the unresolved feelings that have stewed between them for years.  At eighteen, Fin and Branna were planning their future, but after they slept together, a mark appeared on Fin's arm; a brand of sorts that marked him as a descendant of Cabhan and cursed by Sorcha.  Both Branna and Fin have resigned themselves to a life without the one person they will ever love, but the planning and the work involved in defeating Cabhan once and for all keeps them in close proximity, and before long they give in to the desire that still burns strong between them.

There are still a few surprises in store for readers as we find that there is more to Cabhan than previously thought.  But Branna and Fin still have a few tricks up their sleeves to deal with him and hopefully put an end to the evil that has plagued their families for centuries.  A thrilling story that brings about a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy, you won't want to miss BLOOD MAGICK.

Jennifer Bishop