BAY OF SIGHS - Nora Roberts
The Guardians , Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-425-28011-9
June 2016
Paranormal Romance

Capri - Present Day

Legend says that the Stars of Fortune were created by the three moon goddesses, but cursed by their enemy, the goddess Nerezza.  When Nerezza possesses all three, the moon and therefore the world will end.  For some it's a pretty story, but others know the legend is truth.  Bran, the sorcerer; Sasha, the seer; Sawyer, the traveler; Annika, the mermaid; Riley, the werewolf, and Doyle, the immortal, all know it's not a legend, because they've battled Nerezza and they've found the first star.  Now, with the help of Sasha's visions and Sawyer's compass, the six, the Guardians, have traveled to Capri to find the second star.

From the first time he saw Annika, Sawyer has wanted her, but her innocence has held him back.  Realizing she's a mermaid, Sawyer is even more determined to stay away.  Annika however, is having none of that she knows that Sawyer is her one, and she'll enjoy whatever time she has with him.  She was given legs to be able to help with the quest, but if anyone finds out she's a mermaid, she'll only have three months to complete the quest, and since she turned into a mermaid to save her friends, the clock is ticking down.  The time they have has to be shared with their quest though, and the Guardians know that having defeated Nerezza once will only make things more difficult this time around.

BAY OF SIGHS, the second book in The Guardians trilogy, has our team moving from Corfu to Capri, and from the Fire star to the Water star.  They may have beaten Nerezza once, but a god is not likely to take defeat lying down, and before long they realize that Nerezza is forging a new weapon in her efforts to bring down the Guardians a human.  The story is just as much about Sawyer and Annika as it is about the team searching for the second star and preparing for their next skirmish with Nerezza.  Because of the continuing storyline throughout the trilogy, it's probably best to read the stories in order.

Annika is charming and funny and is pretty much the embodiment of joy.  Everything in our world is new to her, which makes her seem innocent at times, so she'll have her work cut out for her getting Sawyer to make a move.  Both are aware that they only will have a short time together, and they seem to have opposing views on how that time limit should define their relationship.  Some things, however, are just meant to be, as we find out in the enchanting BAY OF SIGHS.

Jennifer Bishop