HER LAST WHISPER – Karen Robards
Dr. Charlotte Stone Series, Book 3
Ballantine Books
ISBN-10: 0-804-17826-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-8041-7826-6
September 2014
Paranormal Suspense

Las Vegas, Nevada – The Present

Dr. Charlotte Stone, or Charlie, is an expert in the psychology of serial killers. Currently she is involved in interviewing the Snake River serial killer, Walter Spivey, who has been on death row for twelve years after killing and cannibalizing fourteen female victims. When in this same room six weeks previously, she had been interviewing serial killer Michael Garland. He was viciously murdered while being taken back to his cell. He now haunts Charlie…literally. Michael is an extraordinarily handsome, macho, snarky ghost whom Charlie has come to appreciate far more than she should. Right now, his comments are distracting her. She also hears voices in her head, perhaps from murder victims, further adding to her distraction. In her preoccupation, Charlie makes a mistake, and Walter viciously bites her, which leads Michael to react, and lands Charlie in the prison medical ward for treatment. There more bizarre psychic events happen, ones that leave both her and Michael in jeopardy. He might disappear into what he calls ‘Spooksville' and never return. Charlie doesn't want that to happen.

FBI special circumstances agent Tony Bartoli arrives just as Michael is trying to hurry Charlie out and away from the prison before events escalate out of control. Charlie delays. She has worked with Tony and his team before. One member of his team, Lena Kaminsky, has reported her sister Giselle missing from their Las Vegas visit, and she believes a serial killer might have abducted Giselle. Tony wants Charlie to help in the search. When they arrive in Las Vegas, Lena has found a woman in the morgue wearing Giselle's bracelet. What transpires is a thrilling mystery as the team, Charlie and Michael (who adds levity), become imperiled during their hunt for Giselle.

I have not read the previous books in this series but had no problem following the motivations and actions of the characters. The budding romance and love triangle among Charlie, Michael, and Tony is amusing, with Michael wanting to win. Other characters flesh out the story in interesting ways. Tamsyn Green, a psychic and one of Charlie's friends, joins her in Las Vegas, and so does Special Agent Buzz Crane, the tech person on Tony's team who has been involved with both Giselle and Lena. The villains have horrible, evil intentions and disgusting plans. For those who enjoy paranormal suspense mysteries, Her Last Whisper will certainly keep them reading.

Robin Lee