Guardians of Ascension
, Book 5
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1250-00853-4
May 2012
Paranormal Romance

Mortal Earth - Present Day

Marguerite has extremely powerful psychic abilities. So powerful, in fact, that she was imprisoned over them. Only Throne, her lover, brings her relief with his visits. Finally Marguerite is set free; she returns to Mortal Earth to create and live her own life.

Throne cannot bear Marguerite's departure. Once she is set free, he follows her to Mortal Earth intending to be with her. However, he is not the only one looking to steal her heart. Marguerite is a treasure. As one of the three with obsidian flame abilities, she is highly sought after as a weapon. But for Throne, she is his and his alone. One that he will protect at all costs.

Caris Roane gives fans another fantastic novel with OBSIDIAN FLAME. Throne and Marguerite are very different from the other matches. They have been lovers for a century. Because of this, some of the initial romancing has long past. Ms. Roane makes it work beautifully, and Throne and Marguerite are a joy to read about. Marguerite is a strong character; one who does not want any part of her destiny. When the time comes, though, she will have no choice but to accept who she truly is. Throne is an extraordinary male lead. He is strong and confident, and he wants to be with Marguerite no matter what.

The characters bond wonderfully with one another. This includes other characters such as Endelle and Leto. Throne is always there for Endelle and shows her many things about living. Caris Roane sets up Leto's story well. Readers will be looking for his story to be coming soon.

Fans of paranormal romance are sure to enjoy this novel. OBSIDIAN FLAME is just what readers who are looking to sate a romantic appetite need. Also check out the novella from Caris Roane, EMBRACE THE DARK, now available.