Everland, Georgia, Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-4555-6872-7
October 2017
Contemporary Romance

Everland, Georgia – Present Day

After a scandal ended her acting career, Tuesday Knight starts over again in Everland. She is employed as a “Princess” at a local amusement park that is popular among locals, but money is tight, and finding (and trusting) a man to date is hard. She also has to deal with the disapproval of the mayor of Everland, Beau Marino, who thinks she's a ditzy blonde. Tuesday probably wouldn't have to see Beau much if it wasn't for the fact that Everland is a small town and he's also her sister's fiancé's best friend. But one interaction leads to another, and the attraction that once simmered below the surface between them comes to life.

Beau is dedicated to enriching and helping the town, so when he gets an offer from an investor to buy out the amusement park, which sits on town land, how can he gently let Tuesday and the other amusement park employees know that he's closing it down in order to build a store? After he's injured in an incident at the park, it's Tuesday who comes to his aid and takes him home, where her tender ministrations lead to a kiss that fans the flames of desire. Beau can't believe it…he's attracted to Tuesday, a woman who seems ditzy, but he soon learns that beneath her carefree exterior she's as intelligent as she is beautiful. She's lobbying for the amusement park, and this puts her on a collision course with Beau when it's revealed he's considering an offer for the property. How will this affect the love that is slowly growing between them?

THE CORNER OF FOREVER AND ALWAYS by Lia Riley returns readers to the funny and enjoyable little town of Everland, where there are colorful characters and plenty of hijinks going on. We first met Beau and Tuesday in IT HAPPENED ON LOVE STREET, which was Pepper and Rhett's tale. Tuesday initially comes across as a bit of an airhead, but deep down, she's hurting from finding herself in the middle of a scandal that wasn't her fault. She got involved with an influential producer who she thought was separated, but she found out differently when his wife found them in bed together. Tuesday is still mortified by it and prefers to leave the info buried. Will it come out in THE CORNER OF FOREVER AND ALWAYS? Hint: is water wet?

Beau is considered uptight and always acts responsibly, which is interesting since his parents are free-spirts. He enjoys his job as mayor, even if he has to deal with little bitty problems that take up time, or having to give bad news. But the town would benefit from selling the land the amusement park sits on, as it would bring a big store to their little town. Yet, the park is very much a part of Everland's lore. Beau has a big decision to make.

The interactions between Beau and Tuesday are engaging and funny. He clearly doesn't take her seriously at first, but she proves him wrong. Even as they both try to avoid the other, they can't. Their chemistry builds slowly in THE CORNER OF FOREVER AND ALWAYS, but by the middle of this book, it's a four-alarm blaze. But, while Beau and Tuesday finally give into the passion, they have to keep it secret because there are too many matchmakers in town who'd want to claim they matched them up first. Beau and Tuesday aren't looking for a future together, but as they soon discover, there's a lot more than a temporary fling going on between them.

Minor characters include Pepper and Rhett, plus Flick, a teenage foster girl that Tuesday grows to care for. Flick plays an important part in an amazing discovery late in THE CORNER OF FOREVER AND ALWAYS. And as always, Everland is a town full of crazy characters that pop into scenes and will have readers chuckling.

Summer may be over, but THE CORNER OF FOREVER AND ALWAYS is that perfect beach type read that will have you smiling and grinning as you enjoy the romance between Beau and Tuesday. Grab a copy and sit a spell, because this tale is one that you won't want to put down.

Patti Fischer