An Emerald Lake Novel
Grand Central's Forever
ISBN: 978-0-446-58421-0
October 2011
Contemporary Romance

Emerald Lake - The Present

Andi Powell left Emerald Lake for college and then followed her career path, leaving behind her family, friends, and boyfriend. She had always felt somewhat of an outsider even though Emerald Lake was her hometown. Now her career demands she return and convince the town to allow the company she represents to build lake front condos. It has been ten years. Somehow she finds herself inveigled into helping at her grandmothers and mother's yarn shop. She also runs into her former boyfriend, Nate. She is still terribly attracted to him, but too much history bars any relationship between them.

Nate had planned to go to college too, but his mother's death in delivering a baby sister and his father's subsequent suicide left him as an eighteen year old raising his sister. Now he is mayor of Emerald Lake and his instincts are against any local corporate development. It would destroy the ambiance of living that he believes is Emerald Lake 's attraction and heritage. Unfortunately, he is still attracted to Andi more than any woman he has met, but she is bound to leave again, and he won't have his heart broken twice.

Author Bella Riley writes a beguiling story of living with past choices, sacrifice for love, forgiveness, and optimism for the future. Andi is a beautiful, smart, talented and compassionate, if misunderstood, woman. She has history in Emerald Lake that has defined her life. She needs to understand her family and herself. Nate was faced with terrible tragedy he bravely overcame, but he hasn't faced all the leftover ramifications. Other characters like Andi's mom, her grandmother, the knitters' group, and Nate's sister form a diverse hometown atmosphere. HOME SWEET HOME is an excellent read about family and community, filled with emotional drama and coming to terms with the past.

Robin Lee