KEEP ON LOVING YOU – Christie Ridgway
Cabin Fever , Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-373-78911-5
February 2016
Contemporary Romance

Blue Arrow Lake, California – Present Day

Ten years ago, Mackenzie Walker's life nearly fell apart when the love of her life, Zan Elliott, walked away from her. Since that time, Mac has gone through a few relationships—including engagements—but they ended because she couldn't take the final step to commitment. Now, Zan is back in town, and a still angry Mac can't forgive and forget what he put her through. She is not ready to pick things up where they left off, though he is still the handsome bad boy she remembers. Even as she pushes him away, the stronger the attraction for him becomes.

Zan is still troubled by the death of his family years ago and just had to get away from the painful memories at Blue Arrow Lake. In the meantime, he's become bit of a celebrity as a documentary filmmaker, and he's only in town long enough to settle the estate of his late grandfather, who left everything to him. While he feels guilty knowing that his leaving has left Mac angry at him, he still has feelings for her. He can't promise her a future, but should he try to mend the fences with her and her family? What about acting upon the attraction between them?

KEEP ON LOVING YOU is the final book in the Cabin Fever series by Christie Ridgway. While I didn't read the first three tales, I had no problems following along and getting to know the Walker family and their friends. Mac has always been the leader of the family, and everyone looks to her for advice. But she's at a loss for words or feelings when her teenage lover, Zan, returns to town. Their relationship back then was legendary and is even talked about today by those who remember them as a couple. Did it play a part in why Mac can't commit to another man? She wants to pretend that Zan's presence in town isn't affecting her, but clearly it is. She's tense and easily snaps at him. With one steamy, hot kiss from Zan, Mac's tension is soon melting away into a puddle of desire for the man.

Zan has good and bad memories of Blue Arrow Lake. Left orphaned and raised by his grandfather, he has good memories of the friendship and fun times with the Walker family. However, he feels guilty that he is the only survivor after his parents and siblings died in an accident. Zan will need to reconcile his past before he can move forward and get on with his life. He also has guilt over what his leaving did to Mac, and he wants her forgiveness…and friendship. But the sizzling attraction between them boils over into pure hot desire. He wants her again—back in his bed—but winning this battle is going to be a tough one, especially since he'll have to leave her again.

A tale that is both emotional and steamy hot, KEEP ON LOVING YOU is a book I enjoyed. Mac is an interesting personality and someone who is the friend you'd want in your life. Zan, on the surface, appears easygoing, but deep down he's a man affected by his childhood losses and it has kept him from wanting to build a future for himself with a woman. Being around Mac reopens fond memories of loving her, and it leaves an ache inside his heart. Will he let love win the battle he wages inside against himself?

Two reunited lovers didn't start out rekindling the flames between them, but the passion has them never wanting to stop loving each other. Grab a comfy chair and get ready for some pure reading enjoyment while you enjoy KEEP ON LOVING YOU.

Patti Fischer