RECKLESS NIGHT – Lisa Marie Rice
A Dangerous Passion Novella
Avon Impulse eBook
ISBN:  9780062115218
December 2011
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Malua, Sivuatu in Oceania -  December 23

Viktor “Drake” Drakovich and his wife Grace have had to escape New York City, assume new names, Victoria and Manuel Rabat, and move to Sivuatu, close to Fiji.  Drake spent years selling arms and ammo to whoever had the money.  The couple had almost been killed.  Grace is the perfect wife, gave up her artistic career, relocated and adjusted to life on a beautiful island.  Grace does everything for Drake, and after she gives him a birthday party, even though he never knew his real birthday, he is desperate to show Grace how much he loves her.

To say Drake is particular about safety is putting it mildly, but he says his “pickle”, or sense of danger, is still one hundred percent active, not to mention the protection of using different names, different credit cards, and owning his own airplane so he doesn't have to fly commercial.  For his beloved he wants something more than jewelry for Grace, not just something he can buy, but something she would enjoy.

Lisa Marie Rice started Drake and Grace's story in DANGEROUS PASSION, and here is an e-novella sequel about what happened to them after they escaped New York .  Told from Drake's and Grace's points of view, we are immediately drawn into the passion and intensity of Ms. Rice's writing.  She is known for her alpha characters and the intensity with which they love their women.

Though short, RECKLESS NIGHT is just a perfect read for your electronic reading device while sitting in a waiting room or a quick story at night.  If you loved DANGEROUS PASSION or you want to after reading this story, Lisa Marie Rice never disappoints.

Cece Johns