Men At Work , Book 1 of 3
Harlequin Blaze #912
October 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Present Day Oregon near Mount Hood

On her way from her home in Honolulu, Joey Silvia plans a quick visit to Los Angeles to see her lover of two years before continuing on to Oregon for her brother's wedding. She and Ben work for the same airline with Ben flying back and forth a lot, but she's never visited him. It's to be a surprise. One must wonder who is the most surprised, Ben? Joey? Or Ben's wife! Joey's heart is broken, and she feels like the biggest fool ever. Once in Oregon, Joey plans to hole up in her family's remote cabin on the lake where she finds a big change in the once shabby building. She also finds a big change in the builder, Chris Steffensen, her brother's high school best friend! Joey's own best friend has told her the best way to get over a breakup is to get under a sexy man. . . .

First, I must confess something; many times I get annoyed at the obligatory sex scenes in novels that interrupt the books' actionólike a TV commercial. Not so in HER HALLOWEEN TREAT where the action between Joey and Chris is the main plot line, and it's far from annoying and far, far, far from mechanical sex between the two. The two are funny, tender, and endearing together. But what will happen when Joey must go back to Hawaii?

Joey and her friend Kira carry on entertaining cell phone chats, and then there's the wedding with a Halloween theme coupled with costumes from the 1980s.

If you like truly hot and humorous reads, you'll adore HER HALLOWEEN TREAT! And two more in the Men at Work series will follow in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Be sure to watch for HER NAUGHTY HOLIDAY and ONE HOT DECEMBER.

Jane Bowers