Capitol K-9 Unit , Book 2
Love Inspired
ISBN: 978-0-373-44660-5
April 2015
Inspirational Romantic Suspense

Washington, DC, the Present

As the junior curator of the new, privately held American Museum in DC, Lana Gomez acquires historical artifacts and is now promoting a gala to show them off. The centerpiece of the show is a gold plated arrow that once belonged to George Washington. While working late one night, an intruder breaks in and Lana follows the noise thinking the security guard has had an accident. When she sees the large masked man garbed all in white pick up the arrow, she bravely—if rather foolishly—attacks him. She winds up passed out on the floor with a gash on her head.

Capitol K-9 Unit Officer Adam Donovan is assigned to interview Lana and the museum guard in the hospital. As always, he's accompanied by his K-9 companion, Ace, a well-trained Doberman pinscher. The case becomes his, and it soon seems as though Lana is in on the attempted theft when the artifact she was supposed to have been hit with has no blood on it…just her fingerprint.

What follows is the second episode starring the Capitol K-9 Unit after March's PROTECTION DETAIL. Many of the untied threads and some of the characters from that story are carried forward in this novel. Adam and his boss wonder if this case is connected with the shooting of a congressman and the mysterious death of Lana's sister, Rosa. But a major part of DUTY BOUND GUARDIAN is about the growing relationship between Lana and Adam. Both of them have reasons to fight the electricity, but even Ace takes a strong liking to Lana. And then there's the possibility that being under suspicion will hinder her getting custody of her two-year-old nephew, Juan.

DUTY BOUND GUARDIAN has a complex plot what with a new romance and a new mystery tied in with an old. There will be four more books in the series that runs one per month through next August, each by a different author. This should make each one even more fun when told in a different voice.

Jane Bowers