SWEET REWARD Christy Reece
A Last Chance Rescue Novel
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-345-52409-6
January 2012
Romantic Suspense

Chicago, Illinois and Paris, France Present Day

As the daughter of a diplomat, Mia Ryker could live the life of the privileged, but she has instead chosen to rescue those taken against their will. The work is dangerous, and she has to remain discreet, but it's been a rewarding career. An old friend, Noah McCall, asks Mia to join his agency, Last Chance Rescue, on a baby snatching assignment because it appears that a case she's investigating is similar to one Noah's group recently took on. Babies are either sold or taken against their mother's will and then possibly sold on the black market. Noah assigns topnotch agent Jared Livingston on the case to work with Mia, and the sparks immediately fly between them.

Jared has his own personal reasons for wanting the baby selling racket to be stopped. His ex-wife's baby was one of those taken, and he's on a quest to return the child to her and her husband. Jared has no plans to ever get involved with another woman as it's clear his failed marriage was a mistake. But meeting the independent and resourceful Mia stirs feelings inside him. While she's beautiful and not afraid of jumping feet first into a case, he fears his feelings for her could interfere with his job. As Mia and Jared fight their attraction, the harder it becomes to resist the inevitable between them.

SWEET REWARD is filled with nonstop action as Mia and Jared try to put two and two together to break up the baby selling organization. Mia got involved when a young drug addict mother came to her for help in retrieving her baby. Mia will move heaven and earth to find the infant, especially after the mother dies suspiciously. As for Jared, returning his ex's baby to her will be a payback for the hell he put her through. As a hardnosed agent for Last Chance Rescue, Jared doesn't think Mia is capable of working alongside him, but Mia and Noah don't agree. As a team, though, they do indeed work well together, even if Jared has to grit his teeth at the crazy chances Mia takes. Jared himself would take the same risks, so as agents, they match up well.

Jared was raised in foster care and it was a hellish life. He escaped as soon as he could and soon found that he had an uncanny skill to rescue people and was hired by Last Chance Rescue. Despite having friends at the agency, very few know the real person inside Jared. He's tough, emotionless, and a loner. But he does the jobs assigned to him.

Mia spent the years of her youth leading a charmed life, but a vengeful sister and an accident left her changed. Her choice to go into the rescue business has left her estranged from her parents, which works out okay for Mia, since her career requires that her adversaries not learn of her family's wealth and standing in society. To do so could jeopardize her life. Mia has kept men out of her life for the most part, but Jared intrigues her like no other. He is like a missing link to who she is. Yet Jared keeps pushing her away, even as he wildly makes love to her. Once the assignment is over, can Mia and Jared work out a way to have a future together?

While part of the Last Chance Rescue series, SWEET REWARD can be read alone.  If you love on-the-edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense and sizzling hot love scenes, then Christy Reece's SWEET REWARD will nicely fit your requirements.

Patti Fischer