UNRAVEL - Calia Read
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-553-39477-1
September 2014
New Adult Novel

McLean, Virginia - Present Day

Naomi Carradine has spent thirty days in the Fairfax Mental Health Institute, but still doesn't understand why she's there she's not crazy.  The only support she has had is Lachlan Halstead, her childhood friend turned lover, but now Lachlan believes that he's doing more harm than good and decides to stop visiting Naomi.  At the same time though, Naomi gets a new doctor and, unlike Dr. Woods who doesn't believe anything Naomi tells him, Dr. Rutledge listens, and doesn't judge.  Naomi doesn't want to stay at the hospital, and begins to see that she'll need the help Dr. Rutledge offers in order to get out.  But is Naomi strong enough to face the truth?

UNRAVEL is a powerful, complex tale.  It takes place during Naomi's stay in the hospital, and we see how she ended up there through flashbacks.  Some are recent memories of Lana, her best friend since they were ten years old, and of Max, the man she met at the beginning of the summer and quickly fell for.  Other memories travel through the ten years she has known Lachlan and the complicated yet consuming relationship they share.  She's a bit confused by the turn her life has taken and isn't sure how to change things.  She's tried to tell the truth, but nobody believes her, and when it seems that Lachlan is losing faith in her as well, Naomi decides to try one more time with this new doctor.

A gripping tale, UNRAVEL will keep you riveted right up until its surprising conclusion.

Jennifer Bishop