Book 2
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9781250064196
May 2015
New Adult Romance

New York Past and Present

After ending the best relationship Ethan Holt ever had because of his issues, he's dead set on getting her back. Therapy, self-help books, even a traumatic accident have lead him to this place and time, and there's nothing he won't do to make sure Cassie understands that he's changed, all for her. But he's already broken her heart twice in the past can either of them handle a third chance at love?

In the past, Cassie Taylor was the emotional, normal one in their relationship. But when Ethan left her the second time, their roles reversed. Now Cassie feels numb and emotionless, and Ethan is doing everything to get her to feel again. Now, these two not-so-lovebirds are working together in a play for the first time since acting school. Can they make it work when it failed so many times in the past?

Told in both the past and the present, we see Cassie and Ethan as they are now adults clearly affected by their experiences, both with each other and apart. We also see the events leading up to the night that fractured their relationship and chance at happiness three years ago. The reversal between the two main characters in the different parts of their lives is a fascinating character study, and author Rayven clearly knows how to get an emotional response from her audience.

The characters really make this series. I would read about Ethan and Cassie's relationship struggles no matter what they were doing. However, having these two actors perform a happy ending while they are struggling so hard towards their own, real-life happy ending added a beautiful twist to the story.

BROKEN JULIET is a direct sequel to BAD ROMEO, and they should not be read out of order or apart. The series will continue with WICKED HEART, featuring Ethan's sister Elissa, coming out September 2015.

Amanda Toth