TEXAS THUNDER – Kimberly Raye
A Rebel Moonshine Novel, Book 1
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-1-250-06395-3
September 2015
Contemporary Romance

Rebel, Texas – Present Day

The Tuckers and the Sawyers have had a feud for generations, all started over a precious moonshine recipe called Texas Thunder. To settle the disagreement, the two men long ago split the recipe in half, with each family trying to recreate the original with no success, since it appears they need the full list of ingredients. As TEXAS THUNDER opens, Harlin Tucker has died in a fire during one of his attempts, leaving his three granddaughters to pick up the pieces. As the oldest, Callie is determined to hang onto the house they grew up in. This means coming up with a bunch of money to pay the taxes owed. After a brewing company approaches her about the old moonshine recipe, she decides to try to convince Brett Sawyer to join forces with her to claim the money. Only problem for Callie is that Brett is sinfully tempting to her. She hasn't forgiven him for what happened the night her parents died, so she dislikes him. Or does she?

Sawyer was always attracted to Callie, but after she broke things off between them in high school, he moved on. He's a bull riding champion and is taking time off to take care of his ailing grandfather and has discovered their ranch is in need of money. Callie's suggestion is tempting, but none more than the woman herself. Diligently, they work trying to find the missing recipe – Callie has the Tucker half and they just need to find the Sawyer half. The more they're around each other, the harder it is to ignore the sizzling desire between them. But is there any chance that a Tucker and Sawyer can live in harmony—and in marriage?

It's like the Hatfields and McCoys or Brett and Callie being Romeo and Juliet in TEXAS THUNDER. Long ago rivalries and hatred lives on for the generations, but in high school Brett and Callie had eyes only for each other. But after a misunderstanding that ultimately ended in her parents' death one night, Callie has convinced herself she hates Brett. But her body has other ideas…Brett exudes sex appeal and gorgeousness, and Callie has to use food to try to keep her mind off wanting to tackle him for a bout of sex. Yet he is the only solution to her family's money woes, and after finding out he needs money for his family, they agree to work together. She vows not to succumb to his charms, but her best laid plans soon go out the window.

Brett's grandfather has Alzheimer's disease, and any chance of trying to figure out where the old man hid his half of the Texas Thunder recipe proves fruitless. Brett hasn't forgotten Callie, but he's not looking for a bed partner considering his family's issues keep him busy. But Callie is temptation personified. As the days and weeks drag along, the harder it is for them to keep their hands off each other. Will it be just a temporary fling, or will they think about a future together?

TEXAS THUNDER is a sizzling tale that features some hot sex, but it's the plentiful laugh out loud scenes that will pull readers in. Besides Callie and Brett, other characters include her sisters Jenna and Brandy, while Brett's sister Karen and their grandfather figure in important scenes. The first book in the Rebel Moonshine series from Kimberly Raye, readers will no doubt be treated to more humorous and sexy tales. A passionate and enjoyable read from beginning to end, be sure to grab a copy of TEXAS THUNDER.

Patti Fischer