A Rebel Moonshine Novel , Book 2
St Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-2500-6396-0
March 2016
Contemporary Romance

Rebel, Texas – Present Day

Brandy Tucker is from a family known for their moonshine and their ongoing feud with the Sawyer family. Brandy has opened a bakery in town, but business is falling flatter than a pancake after a new donut shop opens down the street. She is working on a moonshine recipe she hopes to sell to a brewery company so that she can use the proceeds to expand her bakery into cake decorating and more. First she needs help in making sure her moonshine mash works and heads out to a notorious moonshine stiller's house. He's not there, but she runs into her first love, Tyler McCall, who is a Sawyer by blood. While lust run deeps between them, will the legendary family feud keep them apart?

Tyler is looking for his eighteen year old brother because rumor is that he has started working for the moonshiner. He wants to straighten out his brother before he's in too deep and ends up on the wrong side of the law. Meeting Brandy again reopens the flame of desire that Tyler once had for her. She is a Tucker, and she thinks associating with Tyler (with his Sawyer bloodlines) is trouble. But the more they run into each other, the harder it is to resist the fiery passion that simmers between them.

Brandy and Tyler let the decades long family feud keep them apart even as they first fell in love as teenagers, then went their separate ways. Brandy's grandfather recently died in a mysterious accident that the local sheriff's office has deemed “suspicious.” She thought she had put her family's notorious moonshine business behind her once she opened her bakery, but with the decline in sales after a donut shop set up its business just down the street, she's desperate to expand in order to compete. However, she needs the funds, and once again turns to her family staple: moonshine mash. Getting caught is always a possibility since moonshine is illegal, but she'll take that risk. With Tyler back in town, Brandy can't afford to get distracted by the handsome and charming man who is seemingly dogging her every move. He claims he's trying to find his brother, but is he after her moonshine mash to steal it?

A rodeo star, Tyler is only back in town for a few weeks as he needs to get his younger brother straightened out and on to Texas A&M. He never forgot Brandy and the great sex between them, so it is almost a no brainer when they give into the hot lust that sizzles whenever they're together. It might be nothing more than a temporary fling, what with his plans to head back on the rodeo circuit soon, but while the affair is on, things are blazing between them. Tyler also uses the excuse of being around Brandy to keep an eye on her, as she doesn't seem to understand that the moonshiners are protective of the secrecy that surrounds them. One wrong action on her part and she could end up dead.

There's plenty of hot sex scenes in RED-HOT TEXAS NIGHTS by Kimberly Raye as Brandy and Tyler steam up the pages. Moonshine is in their background, and a longstanding family feud over a missing mash recipe has been the piece that keeps them apart. Will Tyler and Brandy overcome the feud and two step their way to a happily-ever-after in RED-HOT TEXAS NIGHTS, or will things end because he leaves town? Will she save her bakery? Grab a nice cold drink and settle down for some steamy hot reading in RED-HOT TEXAS NIGHTS.

Patti Fischer