A Grayson Friends Novel
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-0-312-53648-0
March 2012
Contemporary Romance

New York City, New York - Present Da

C.J. Callahan is determined to enjoy the last night of life as he knows it, and his best friends are helping him out immensely. They've recreated two of his favorite memories a trip to Vegas, and a visit to Mardi Gras in his bar in Manhattan, and he's having a good time; until she walks in. From the moment C.J. met Cecily St. John, he found her annoying and stuck up, and that was even before she trashed his bar in her blog. The only thing more annoying than her attitude towards him is the uncontrollable attraction he feels for her. About to start his new job as CEO of Callahan Software, where he'll be stuck behind a desk forty hours a week, C.J. decides maybe the distraction of Cecily is just what he needs.

The fashion director of a high fashion magazine, Cecily St. John is used to a bit more upscale an establishment than Callahan's, but she agrees to attend C.J.'s party because of its Las Vegas theme. She sees C.J. as a macho throw-back, and refuses to let his good looks lure her under his spell. Then Cecily gets an unexpected glimpse at the man, and realizes that he may not be what she thought. The more Cecily gets to know C.J., the better she understands him, and she's beginning to realize she may have found the perfect man for her. Except, Cecily's on the verge of winning a promotion that will have her relocating to Paris, and she's not about to let anybody derail her plans.

The tension between C.J. and Cecily has been brewing since their friends Alex and Dianna's wedding, but they've channeled it into annoyance with one another. All of that changes to passion WITH JUST ONE KISS. Cecily's refusal to follow in her family's footsteps has left her estranged from them, but she figures with the promotion they'll finally accept her choices. C.J. has always had his family's support, but now he needs to help them, as the health of both his father and brother has forced them to step back from the family's company. Sitting behind a desk has never been C.J.'s dream, but he'll take on the responsibility to help his family. His thoughts about using Cecily as a diversion end quickly when he realizes that she affects him like no other woman has before. She also is a bit unnerved, because no man has ever tempted her away from her single-minded focus on work before, and with the promotion decision coming up, Cecily can't afford the distraction.

Helping to throw Cecily and C.J. together are their friends, Dianna and Alex (featured in A SEDUCTIVE KISS); C.J.'s cousin, Summer, and his other best friend Sin (who will be featured in the upcoming A DANGEROUS KISS) as well as C.J.'s family. While it's fun for fans to catch up with the other characters, and they do help out C.J. and Cecily, the story really belongs to them. A fun, sweet romance, I highly recommend WITH JUST ONE KISS.

Jennifer Bishop