ALL THAT I NEED - Francis Ray
A Grayson Friends Novel - Book 9
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-02381
July 2013
Contemporary Romance

Santa Fe, New Mexico - The Present

Successful travel journalist Fallon Marshall wants help from a man she once insulted. Her family's experiences with a shyster auction house owner colored her view of Lance Saxton as just another thief. She later learned he was an honest and ethical man. Now he is auctioning the contents of Yates House, a historical home associated with a Texas oil mogul. She wants to write an article on what the Yates home was like before the original contents are dispersed forever. To her surprise Lance welcomes her with affable grace and charm. While attracted to Lance's good looks and personality, Fallon isn't ready to end her career for a marriage, and doesn't participate in casual sex.

Lance Saxton doesn't plan on or want marriage. Experiences from his mother and former girl friends lead him to believe that something is wrong with him and that he is undeserving in some way and will always end discarded. Casual one-night-stands are all he needs. Fallon is different from all the women he knows, but he doesn't know how to keep her forever.

Many characters from previous Grayson Friends novels appear in ALL THAT I NEED. Richard and Naomi from ALL I EVER WANTED play important roles as Fallon and Lance first met in their story, and much of this story revolves around Naomi and Richard's upcoming wedding.

Both characters are well developed and personable with faults to round out their characters. Can Fallon lead Lance into forgiving the past and moving on? Certainly, lack of openness has caused many problems for Lance, and lingering hurt from those experiences, and all the associated anger, often war with his ability to love and trust. In ALL THAT I NEED author Francis Ray shows that all relationships are difficult, but the reward can be worth the risk.

Robin Lee