Grayson Friends Series , Book 10
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-02382-7
November 2013
Contemporary Romance

Santa Fe, New Mexico - The Present

For two years Skylar Dupree has watched her employer's body guard, Rio Sanchez, with romantic speculations. Her boss, Blade Navarone, is helping his mother-in-law, Ruth Grayson, by helping to arrange a prestigious, invitation only auction-fund raiser for her school. This includes letting Skylar manage the event at his property, Navarone Castle in New Mexico. He will leave Rio and his men at the property to protect the arriving valuable donations to be auctioned off. An ulterior motive pushes Skylar…capturing Blade's head of security and personal bodyguard. She has waited for him, now she is going after him. Rio has noticed Skylar, but knows he is not marriage material and believes that he is destined to be alone. Any woman who knew his background would run in any direction but towards him. However, Skylar is determined and stubborn, tempting him in ways he must resist. Then a vehicle stalks Skylar, menacing her safety as she returns to the castle, and his job training kicks in. He won't let anyone harm her. The puzzle is why Skylar?

This is a delicious romance about two equally stubborn individuals, one determined to have a relationship, one just as determined not to. Evil intent frames the story, adding suspense to the emotional turmoil. This mixes into a romantic tangle between these two smart proponents of self-defense and getting-the-job-done types.

Author Francis Ray passed away this past July. I don't know if she has other stories in the publication process, but if not, ALL THAT I DESIRE is a compelling and enjoyable end to this series as all of the Grayson family and friends appear to help support both the ongoing romance and the matchmaker of the series, Ruth Grayson.

Robin Lee