The Duke Series, Book 2 of 3
ISBN: 978-0-06-246689-1
April 2017
Historical Romance

England 1871

Martha York has been her father's faithful assistant with his inventions. Now he is gone, and he has asked that all of his research and test materials be given to the man who has been working on similar endeavors, the Duke of Roth, Jordan Hamilton. But for the entire time of her father's illness, and even as he lay dying, the duke never replied to one letter begging for a visit. Now, Martha, her grandmother, and younger sister are traveling to the duke's estate, Sedgebrook, to personally deliver the contents and life's work of Martha's father. Martha is far from happy, though, as she knows nearly as much as her father, and inevitably the duke, about the torpedo that they have been trying to perfect.

Jordan is still recovering from an accident that left him unable to walk well, and in almost constant pain. He purposely ignored York's letters as Jordan wanted to make his own prototype without anyone else's help. Unfortunately, his model sank, and he is practically starting over to build a new one. Upon the arrival of the York family, he realizes that his friend's oldest daughter, Martha, is as brilliant as her father, and he even allows her to assist him in his work. He doesn't let on that money has become a major issue in his life, and that he is slowly selling off much of his family's assets.

In the meantime, when Martha's grandmother takes ill and the family must remain at Sedgebrook, younger sister Josephine plots a way to become the Duchess of Roth at any cost. She and her sister have inherited a vast fortune, but Josephine wants the title just as badly. Josephine will go to any lengths to get what she wants, even though she thinks of Jordan as a cripple. But it is Martha to whom Jordan is attracted, both physically and as a fellow inventor. What will Josephine do to get what she wants?

THE ENGLISH DUKE is the second in The Duke Series which began with the very entertaining THE SCOTTISH DUKE. Jordan is determined to find the answers to his research, but the constant pain he is in makes every day a trial. And having one sister working with him, and the other not hiding the fact that she wants to be his wife, Jordan has his hands full. Martha is confused by her feelings for the duke but is beginning to understand how much she can offer him with her history of helping her father. Controlling Josephine is another issue, though.

THE ENGLISH DUKE is yet another excellent novel from the pen of Karen Ranney. The next book in the series will be THE AMERICAN DUKE. Don't miss these books.

Jani Brooks