Grand Central's Forever
Last Chance Series , Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-446-57606-9
October 2012
Contemporary Romance

Last Chance, South Carolina - Present Day

To fulfill her father's dying wish, Lark Chaikin has traveled to the small town of Last Chance to scatter her father's ashes on the eighteenth hole of the Golfing for God mini-golf course.  For a man who'd been born Jewish and died atheist, this seems a bit odd to Lark, but her father always was a little different.  She arrives to find the course looking like a disaster zone, and is quickly introduced to Stone Rhodes, Chief of Police and son of the owner.  The surprises keep coming for Lark when she learns that Stone and his family believe that her father, Abe, killed Stone's grandfather, Zeke.

Despite what she tells him, Stone has a feeling that Lark will bring trouble to his small town.  His first instinct is to help her out of town, and with the mayor-elect and one of the most powerful men in town pushing for that exact thing, Stone is ready to do just that, but something about Lark pulls at him.  A widower who hasn't yet let go of his wife, Stone has his hands full with his two daughters, teenage Lizzy, and little Haley, who insists she sees an angel that she calls the Sorrowful Angel because she is always crying, and rarely leaves Stone's side.  The last thing in the world he needs is an attraction to a woman who'll be leaving soon.

Welcome back to Last Chance, where gossip is the way of life, and family is everything.  Lark has never understood what her father meant when he claimed to have found himself on the eighteenth hole of Golfing for God, so she's really confused about his wish for this to be his final resting place.  Traveling to South Carolina after losing her father has given Lark a chance to delay going back to her career as a war correspondent, and after the year she's had, she's glad for the time to get her head on straight.  Finding Stone is another surprise, but Lark's never lived beyond the moment, and Stone is not the type to settle for a casual fling.  In fact, Stone's only lover has been his deceased wife, and he isn't looking for a romantic relationship.  So why can't he stop thinking about Lark?

Lark's arrival in Last Chance has stirred up a few ghosts, and before long, the mystery of what happened to Zeke Rhodes, as well as what happened when Abe visited forty years ago, is bringing Lark and Stone together.  A captivating tale, check out LAST CHANCE CHRISTMAS.

Jennifer Bishop