Last Chance Series, Book 5
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4555-2229-3
April 2013
Contemporary Romance

Last Chance, South Carolina - Present Day

When Savannah White's great-uncle Harry dies, she uses the chance it provides her to move to Last Chance.  She has trouble standing up to her domineering mother and equally domineering mother-in-law, and with the mother-in-law pushing for Savannah's son, Todd, to go to the elite prep school his father attended, Savannah feels as if she's not in control of her life, or her son.  She's also hoping that moving Todd away might spark something in her ex-husband that would get him to want to see Todd.

Savannah had always enjoyed her childhood visits to her grandparents as well as Aunt Miriam and Uncle Harry, and she plans to not only settle in Last Chance, but revive the theater that she inherited from her grandfather.  She and Todd move in with Aunt Miriam, but unfortunately, that means they are also living with Cousin Dash.  Dash came to live with his Uncle Harry when he was thirteen, and he and the ten-year-old Savannah became instant enemies.  With the exception of Dash—and the surprising way her cousin-who's-not-really-related makes her feel—Savannah enjoys the life she's building in Last Chance.

Dash Randall had been a baseball star until a motorcycle accident while driving drunk destroyed his knee.  Now he's living in Last Chance with Aunt Miriam, going to AA meetings, running a stable, and pining for Hettie Marshall.  Having Princess Savannah move in is a little irritating, and he figures once she gets a look at the theater, she'll head back to Baltimore.  But when Hettie and Rocky Rhodes deBracy get it into their heads to help Savannah, Dash finds himself drawn in as well.

Before Savannah can have her second chance, she'll have to put her past with Dash to rest in LAST CHANCE BOOK CLUB.  Fans of the series will recognize the women of the book club, as well as many of the other characters who make up the background of this novel.   Savannah seamlessly blends into the group and life in Last Chance, but after seeing the theater, she's not sure reviving it is possible.  That doesn't stop Hettie, Rocky, and the others from their drive to revamp both the theater and downtown Last Chance.  It doesn't take long for both Savannah and Dash to realize that the other has grown up, but the growing feelings between them are something both of them try to fight.  A touching and funny story, check out LAST CHANCE BOOK CLUB.

Jennifer Bishop