Last Chance Series, Book 3
Grand Central's Forever
ISBN: 978-0-446-57608-6
February 2012
Contemporary Romance

Last Chance, South Carolina – Present Day

After being humiliated in her hometown of Last Chance when she was eighteen, Caroline “Rocky” Rhodes has tried to leave her past behind. But with an English investor wanting the land owned by her father, Caroline is called on by her employer, Senator Rupert Warren, to try to make it happen despite her father's refusal to sell. The Englishman turns out to be devilishly handsome Lord Woolham, aka Hugh deBracy, and Caroline has to work real hard not to fall for the man's charms. She knows that getting her father to sell will be tough despite the fact that the business on the property, Golfing for God, is seriously in need of repairs after a storm. When the senator orders Caroline to escort Lord Woolham to Last Chance, she wonder if she can face the wrath of her father (and God) and persuade him to sell? Plus, with the town's annual Watermelon Festival about to start, will Hugh and the senator learn the truth—that Caroline is Rocky to everyone in town. What's worse than having a name like Rocky Rhodes? Oh yeah, she's a former Watermelon queen who left a man humiliated with a broken heart after he proposed, and everyone in town hasn't forgotten.  

Hugh has his own problems, and, after acquiring land in Last Chance, he needs the adjacent property owned by Caroline's father to make his business proposition work. If he doesn't, then he'll have to go back to England and marry a woman he doesn't love but who has the money he needs. Caroline utterly charms him, but she isn't the woman for him. However, that doesn't stop him from slowly and surely falling for her. If a fling will satisfy his lust, can he convince Caroline of the same thing? And can he get his hands on the property or will he face a financial disaster?

Hope Ramsay has penned an irresistible tale in LAST CHANCE BEAUTY QUEEN with its unforgettable characters and laugh out loud scenes. Caroline was born Rocky, but she'd hoped to put her past behind her. Suddenly her past comes back to haunt her, specifically what happened at the Watermelon Festival years ago as she was crowned the queen. A local boy fancied himself as Rocky's groom, but she turned him down flat. She had vowed to never again attend the festival, but business outweighs her, forcing her to not only be there, but to don the gown she wore that fateful day. Will the senator and Hugh take her seriously as a career woman, or will they think she is just a country hick at heart? With the challenge of trying to convince Hugh that he won't be able to buy her father's land and trying to resist the ever growing feelings she has for the man, well, Caroline is facing an uphill battle.

Hugh finds Last Chance and the people who live there amusing and intriguing. They are colorful and unpredictable, seemingly at odds with the proper (and staid) upbringing that he had. Of course, as he gets to know the folks, the more he learns about Caroline, aka Rocky, though even he recognizes there can't be any future between them. While Hugh might be English royalty, his cash coffers need an influx of money. He's good with his hands, just not at making money. At first Hugh seems out of place in Last Chance, but soon he feels at home and helps out folks in various ways, such as helping to repair a car.

Caroline relives her past and begins a new chapter in her life in LAST CHANCE BEAUTY QUEEN. Hugh finds his calling and new friends. Will their problems be solved? Watch how an opposites-attract couple find their way to each other…and a possible future. Grab this today and get ready for a rollicking read.

Patti Fischer