Chapel of Love , Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-4555-6488-0
September 2017
Contemporary Romance

Shenandoah Falls, Virginia - Present Day

It's her wedding day and she glides down the aisle to marry the man she loves. As she stares into his eyes at the altar, she sees him frown. Then, he tells her that he cannot marry herů

For college professor Laurie Wilson, her wedding day was supposed to be a happy one, but then her groom, Brandon Koop, informs her at the altar that he can't marry her. Heartbroken, all she can think about is hating Brandon for what he didůand wanting to win him back. The best man, Andrew Lyndon, is by Laurie's side, a true friend in her time of need. With Andrew's help, Laurie goes out on dates with men that she hopes will make Brandon jealous. But whenever she runs into problems with these dates, it's Andrew who is there to rescue her. Laurie begins to notice Andrew as more than a friend, and realizes she's attracted to him. But he is Brandon's best friendů

Andrew is employed by Laurie's father in a law firm and is asked by him to find dates for her that will rattle Brandon and make him regret dumping her. However, Andrew is attracted to Laurie, which makes seeing her with other men hard. Why can't he have a chance to woo her? As Laurie and Andrew grow closer, their friendship turns into an unexpected passion neither expects. But lurking in the background is Brandon, as the plan to attract his attention works all too well. Will Andrew lose his chance of winning Laurie?

HERE COMES THE BRIDE opens with Laurie about to marry Brandon, but she's crushed when her groom refuses to marry her. They'd dated for ten years, but neither got the chance to spread their wings and experience dating others. Brandon takes off on the honeymoon Laurie paid for and she's ticked. She agrees to Andrew's plan (he was put up to it by her father, unknown to her) to date men to make Brandon jealous. Laurie soon learns dating after being off the market for a while is hard as the dates end up with problems and it's Andrew who steps in to rescue her. Andrew is sweet and unassuming, but treats her like a queen, unlike Brandon.

Andrew wants Laurie, but he's willing to step aside and let other men date her. One reason is that he works for her father and doesn't want to jeopardize his job status. Another is that Brandon is his best friend, even though he's angry at Brandon's treatment in leaving Laurie at the altar. Will Andrew speak up and stake a claim on Laurie?

Also featured in HERE COMES THE BRIDE are her girlfriends, Madison, Jessica, and Emma, as well as the event planner, Courtney. They're there to support Laurie in her time of need when Brandon dumps her, and also when she tries dating again. As much as Laurie confides in her friends, she doesn't tell them about her new-found attraction for Andrew.  As HERE COMES THE BRIDE reaches its dramatic conclusion, Andrew has to make a decision whether to stop Laurie from making another mistake. Will he get there in time?

A sweet and enjoyable tale, HERE COMES THE BRIDE is about discovering love in the most unexpected of ways.

Patti Fischer