BODY SHOTS – Anne Rainey
Masters of Pleasure , Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-61773-351-2
October 2015
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Cincinnati, Ohio – Present Day

After ending an abusive marriage, Crystal Shaw is still licking her wounds and not looking for a relationship when her best friend Mollie convinces her to join her in a trip to a place called Kinks. This nightclub is where people go to enjoy erotic pleasure with each other, even though Mollie tells Crystal she doesn't have to hook up with a guy. But they have barely arrived when not one, but two gorgeous men grab her attention. Turns out their names are Trent and Mac…and they own Kinks. She's attracted to both and undecided which man to date, so they encourage her to “try” them both out. This includes sex among the three of them. Is Crystal getting in way over her head by getting involved with two men at the same time?

Plenty of erotic pleasure awaits Crystal in BODY SHOTS, and the hotness will have readers reaching for a fan to cool down. She went from her mother's home into a marriage with her now ex, Richard, who turned out to be abusive. She finally escaped and got a divorce, but the emotional scars are still there. What Crystal sees in Kinks when she first arrives are eye-opening, with couples kissing hotly and fondling each other. In BODY SHOTS, readers don't get to see much of what goes on behind closed doors with others at Kinks, as this tale is about the relationship that develops between Crystal, Trent and Mac. The two men are like brothers and bought Kinks because they enjoyed coming there and the former owner passed away. While they may have tasted the “wares” in the past, once they meet Crystal, she is the one they both want. It's a friendly competition, with no hard feelings if she chooses one over the other. But she just…can't…seem…to…make…up…her… mind. Decisions!

As Crystal mulls over her choice of which guy to exclusively date, each makes his case. She's having sex with both, and sometimes they're a trio. It's exciting and daring, but that is just how Trent and Mac feel about her. The sex is burning hot, and Crystal is doing things she's never done before. It's going to be a hard decision to make. Or…will she not make a decision…and keep both? Meanwhile, Crystal's ex shows back up, claiming he wants a second chance, but he hasn't apparently changed his stripes. Can she make it clear to Richard to stay out of her life, or will the new men in her life have to convince him of this fact?

Sizzling hot is a mild term to use to describe BODY SHOTS. If you like your sex scenes as hot as a wildfire, then this is a tale for you. While short on a storyline other than which man Crystal will choose, BODY SHOTS does provide an entertaining way to pass the time.

Holly Tibbs