Miniseries: Billionaires and Babies
Silhouette Desire #2067
ISBN: 978-0-373-73080-3
February 2011
Series Romance

Auckland, New Zealand - Present Day

Nick Valentine, a wealthy and successful businessman, is humbled to realize that he's terrified of his six-month-old daughter.  With his estranged wife Jilly's death, he's the only parent that Jennie has, and he's having trouble coming to grips with that.  After a month away, he returns to find that things aren't as he left them; the nanny has left and was replaced by a nurse after Jennie suffered from an ear infection.  The terror he feels at Jennie having been sick is enough to finally prompt Nick to interact with his daughter—and the woman taking care of Jennie.

Candace Morrison is a little surprised that Nick doesn't recognize her name, but that's only one more way to prove to her that he's not fit to be Jennie's father.  Her talks with Jilly showed Candace that Nick is a workaholic, but missing a month of his daughter's life and not even cutting short his trip to come home for her illness makes Candace think that leaving Jennie with Nick would be a mistake.  Learning that he has no idea who she is or her connection to Jennie is something that Candace was unprepared for.  Just as she wasn't ready for the attraction she feels towards him.  He's made it clear that the interest is mutual, but exploring that attraction probably isn't a good idea since she's wants to take his daughter away from him.

A dead woman's lies and secrets are slowly exposed in THE BOSS'S BABY AFFAIR.  Jilly had been a spoiled woman who got whatever she wanted, no matter what it took, which is how Nick ended up married to her.  He wouldn't give in and become the trophy husband she wanted, but he did acquiesce when it came down to having a baby.  He has his reasons for keeping his distance from Jennie, but after spending a little time with her, Nick falls in love and those reasons no longer matter.  Candace isn't sure what to believe about Nick.  He seems happy to see Jennie, but why be gone for a month with no contact if he cares for his daughter?  Realizing that Jilly lied to both of them complicates matters for Candace, as do her growing feelings for Nick.

Interesting characters and a few surprises make THE BOSS'S BABY AFFAIR an entertaining read.

Jennifer Bishop