Dynasties: The Kincaids , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2156
ISBN: 978-0-373-73169-5
May 2012
Series Romance

Charleston, South Carolina; Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Country of Diyafa

After jilting her fiancé and then watching him marry her sister, heiress Laurel Kincaid is restless. Everyone around seems to have plans, while she is just…boring. Determined to do something, she has a list already made. One on the list is flirt with a stranger, which she gets to do at her sister's wedding. Turns out he is the groom's best friend, Rakin Whitcomb Abdellah, and he's just as mesmerized by her as she is by him. She mentions wanting to go to Vegas, so he invites her to hop on his jet and they'd spend a few days having fun. Of course, Laurel is well aware that the fun includes their becoming lovers…

Rakin is in a bind. His grandfather has demanded that he marry or he will name Rakin's cousin as his heir. Meeting Laurel , Rakin is intrigued by her beauty and family connections. She'd make the perfect wife. But first he has to seduce her and convince her that a temporary marriage is a sound business plan for them both. He gets his inheritance, and she helps her family's business get contracts. Love has nothing to do with Rakin's plans, but once he has her in his bed, he finds it hard to want to let her leave. But love isn't in his future plans.

ONE DANCE WITH THE SHEIKH is part of the Dynasties: The Kincaids series, but through most of the book, our couple is not in Charleston with her family. Instead, Laurel and Rakin are getting to know each other in Las Vegas , cementing the attraction they first felt at the wedding, then on to Diyafa to meet his family. Laurel had broken off her previous engagement because it didn't feel right, so why is it different with Rakin? Of course, he does make a good point of explaining how his plan would help her family's company, but marriage to someone she barely knows? Did Laurel fall under the spell of the glamour and impulsiveness of Las Vegas ? Before she even thinks too much about it, she's married Rakin and they're jetting off to Diyafa.

Rakin wants to claim his birthright, but as a single man. His grandfather's selfish demands have him in a bind. Catching Laurel as she's at a crossroads in her life is a spur of the moment decision on his part. Love has nothing to do with what he has in mind, especially since his own parents didn't marry for love. But in ONE DANCE WITH THE SHEIKH, Rakin soon discovers a passion for Laurel he didn't expect, and it scares him, forcing him to push her away.

In ONE DANCE WITH THE SHEIKH we have a couple not looking for love, but hoping for security and adventure. In this tale, they certainly find all three. A passionate, fun tale, pick up ONE DANCE WITH THE SHEIKH.

Patti Fischer