Takeover Tycoons , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2676
ISBN: 978-1-335-60378-4
July 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City & Aspen, Colorado – Present Day

Georgia Kinnear has faithfully worked hard for her demanding father, CEO Kingston Kinnear, but it appears her dedication isn't going to be rewarded. As Kingston looks toward a possible retirement, he plans to marry off his three daughters to men that  he chooses. Georgia feels frustrated. She hasn't met the man she has been “ordered” to marry and she has no intention of marrying. But will she be boxed into a corner and forced to give in? Why does her father think only men can run big companies? Why, her father even thinks Jay Black, the company's financial analyst, is more capable of running the company than any of his three daughters.

During the two years that Jay has been at Kingdom International, he has sat back and watched the dynamics play out between Kingston and his daughters. The man is a domineering jerk who can't see that Georgia, Roberta, and Charis are all capable enough to lead the company. Especially Georgia, who has groomed herself to be the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and appears ready to take over the position when it's rumored the current one is retiring. But Kingston orders his daughters to marry men that he's chosen and won't accept no for an answer. In fact, Jay has been picked to marry Charis. Jay won't comply, especially when the woman he really wants is Georgia.

There's a shared past between Georgia and Jay that is hinted at in A TANGLED ENGAGEMENT but isn't resolved until late in this tale, so I won't give away the spoiler. While Georgia and Jay have occasionally sparred at work, there is also an underlying sense of sexual chemistry, especially after he kisses her. Should Jay work on stopping Georgia from getting engaged to a man she doesn't know—or love—or will it be too late? Will he, instead, offer himself?

While Georgia thinks Jay is just another up and coming go-getter, it turns out he isn't exactly who he appears to be. This is thrown into her face when they take off for Aspen and she learns a few things about him that has her mouth dropping open. Will it change how she feels about him? She likes his kisses, and he is (apparently) approved by her father. Will Georgia ascend to the job she wants at Kingdom International?  A tangled web of business dealings and love in the boardroom is in store for readers. Don't miss A TANGLED ENGAGEMENT.

Patti Fischer