THE LADY MOST LIKELY... - Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Connie Brockway
A Novel in Three Parts
ISBN: 978-0-06-124782-8
January 2011
Historical Romance

England, 1817

Lady Carolyn Finchley, a hopeless romantic, has set out to find the perfect wife for her brother, Hugh, the Earl of Briarly. Carolyn's plan is to give Hugh a list of perspective candidates, and invite them and other eligible bachelors to her country estate for a house party. Hugh's main requirement for a wife is that she understand that, first and foremost, horses are the most important aspect of his life. He's not a city boy, so his future wife must love the country.

Carolyn has set her heart on Hugh falling for the ethereally beautiful, but incredibly shy Miss Gwendolyn Passmore. Gwen is well aware of the implications of attending Lady Finchley's affair, but her mother insists. While escaping for an early morning walk to do some drawing, she chances on the new Earl of Charters taking a swim. Alec Darlington is mesmerized by the lovely Gwen, much to his sister's chagrin. Octavia is horribly jealous of Gwen who, she is sure will, by her being at the party, attract all of the eligible men.

The rather cheeky Miss Katherine Peyton is stunned when Captain Neill Oakes arrives at the Finchley estate. She and Neill grew up on adjoining estates, and she has been in love with him since she was a little girl. But four years ago he went off to war, came back a hero, and hasn't contacted her at all. Neill, who has abruptly been charged by Kate's brother to be her chaperone at the weekend party, is not sure he can deal with his feelings for Kate.

And then there is the young widow, Lady Georgina Sorrell, who has made it abundantly clear to Carolyn and Hugh, long time friends, that she has no intention of ever marrying again. She simply wants to live in the country and mind her own business.

Will Carolyn's finely tuned plans come to fruition? Or will all of the lovely ladies she's invited be snatched up before Hugh gets a chance to act?

This delightful book, written by three of today's top romance authors, is impossible to put down! THE LADY MOST LIKELY… has endearing characters and an oh-so-romantic premise.

Jani Brooks