WHERE SHE BELONGS - Cindy Procter-King
Five Star Books
ISBN: 978-1-4328-2545-4
December 2011
Contemporary Romance

Destiny Falls , British Columbia - Present Day

When Jess Morgan travels back to her hometown, she's in for a few surprises.  The first comes when she is picked up at the airport by Adam Wright, her first crush, who is now living in Destiny Falls .  The next is arriving at her home to find that her mother, Nora, has completely fallen apart following the death of her husband, Pete.  When Jess's father, Frank, died, along with Jess's fiancé, Danny, her mother never shed a tear, never seemed to grieve, and the relationship between Jess and Nora became strained.  Things only got worse when Nora started seeing Pete so soon after the death of her husband, and married him less than a year later.

As Jess repairs her relationship with her mom, she also finds herself dealing frequently with Adam.  His neighborly gestures keep him coming around the house, and Jess is finding it difficult to ignore the attraction between them.  Adam is obviously entrenched in Destiny Falls , and Jess has no intention of staying beyond her six week leave of absence.  Between her job in Toronto , the painful memories in her hometown, and the feeling that she is an outsider there, Jess doesn't want to stay.

Jess feels that you can't go home again, but she may find out she's wrong in WHERE SHE BELONGS.  She and her mother had never been close, but their grief after the deaths of her father and Danny widened the gulf.  Pete, who had always loved her mother, resented Jess because of Frank, so this made things even more difficult between them, and Nora never stepped between Jess and Pete.  With Pete gone, though, Jess and Nora have a second chance at a good mother-daughter relationship, and both are enjoying the closeness they are developing.  While Jess is coming to terms with that part of her past in Destiny Falls , she still has issues that are causing problems with her relationship with Adam.  Much as he wants to push, though, Adam learned the hard way that you have to let people come to terms with things in their own time.  He believes that Jess could be happy in her hometown if only she'd let herself, and if she could truly move on from the loss of Danny.

An engaging tale of rediscovering your roots and family, check out WHERE SHE BELONGS.

Jennifer Bishop