THE CLAIMED - Caridad Pineiro 
Sin Hunters , Book 2
Grand Central's Forever
ISBN: 978-044-658-460-9
May 2012
Paranormal Romance

Near the Sea - Present Day

Victoria is loving life. She has great friends who are always there for her, and she owns her dream beach-side shop. Only one downside: she is being pressured into marriage by the ancient customs of her people, the Light Hunters. Victoria 's family only wants what is best for her, but what about what Victoria wants? She is looking for love in her relationships.

Christopher has defied his father time and time again. With the Shadow Hunter clan slowly falling prey to the small pox disease, Christopher must pull his people from despair. His father believes the only way to do that is by continuing to steal from the Light Hunters and remain in battle with them.

Victoria and Christopher find exactly what they are looking for in one another. Christopher is strong, sensual, and just what Victoria wants. Victoria is sassy and pours erotic energy. Only one problem, the two are mortal enemies with duties to fulfill. Can Christopher and Victoria unite their clans, or will other factions keep them apart?

THE CLAIMED is a unique take on the paranormal world. The concept of Light and Shadow Hunters is one readers may have never seen before. A powerful paranormal element such as the Shadow Hunters falling prey to such a mundane disease? I've certainly never read about it in the supernatural genre before! Caridad Pineiro knows how to keep a story fresh, original, and intriguing. She builds a world full of wonder and delight but also violence and destruction.

Victoria and Christopher steam off the pages. Their relationship is erotic and loving. Fans of smokin' sheets added to their romance will appreciate this relationship. Readers will also enjoy the wit and humor added by side characters such as Sammie. Christopher and Victoria's relationship is not the only one occurring, and Sammie is a promising next book kind of character.

While the characters are good and the plot highly original, the writing left a little to be desired. I found myself reading what seemed like the same passage over and over again, but it turned out to be nothing but repetitiveness and redundant phrasing. There were many cases where a single phrase was used twice in a matter of five pages.

THE CLAIMED presents readers with a strong world and cast to love. Caridad Pineiro has the potential to be a quick rising voice in the paranormal romance genre. For readers who enjoy Gena Showalter and Laura Adrian, give the Sin Hunter books a try.