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SIMPLY THE BEST – Susan Elizabeth Phillips
A Perfect 10
Chicago Stars , Book 10
ISBN: 978-0-06-324856-4
February 13, 2024
Contemporary Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Rory Garrett is roped into attending her half-brother’s fancy cocktail party one night at a hotel and she wishes she could be anywhere else. But her half-brother Clint is the Chicago Stars all-pro quarterback and insisted that Rory be there. Feeling out of place, she gets drunk and runs into a handsome stranger she assumes is just another jock. They banter back and forth, and before she can think properly, she finds herself in bed with him. Waking up afterward, she is alone except for the 5 one hundred dollar bills he left behind. He thought Rory was a sex worker. 

Going back to the party, super-agent Brett Rivers goes in search of his star client. After Clint voices concerns about where his sister is, Brett gets a sinking feeling that he just made a big mistake. Hopefully, Clint won’t find out about his hooking up with Rory and hopefully, they won’t run into each other again.

Rory is looking for her brother one day and goes to his mansion. He doesn’t answer the doorbell, so she opens the door with the key she has. Wandering around, she calls out for him. No answer. While in the kitchen, she is startled when a voice asks her what she is doing here. It’s the man from the party who thought she was a sex worker. Rory soon finds out he is her brother’s agent, Brett Rivers, and boy, she is pissed. But they both are looking for Clint, so they start searching for him in the house. They don’t find him but do find the dead body of his ex-girlfriend. 

At this point in SIMPLY THE BEST I knew that I was going to give it a Perfect 10. Susan Elizabeth Phillips set it up perfectly for readers to become interested in what happens with Rory and Brett. Finding the body was like the cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae. As expected, Rory and Brett call the police, but everyone knows that Clint is the number one suspect. Where is the man? Rory and Brett decide to track Clint down, but it isn’t easy because he isn’t answering his cell phone, and no one seems to know where he has gone—or if he is on the run. A call to Clint’s mother in Minnesota reveals nothing but now Rory’s stepmother Kristin is worried about her only son. Rory and Brett finally get a lead and head off together to chase it to find Clint. They don’t trust the other to be truthful if he’s found. 

Rory and Brett seem like an unlikely pair. She is a failed chocolatier with dreams of one day opening her own chocolate store but in the meantime is selling candy out of a rundown food truck. Brett lives a good life as a sports agent and rubs shoulders with the rich and famous. Rory says whatever she’s feeling and right now she dislikes Brett, letting him know loud and clear. As they bicker back and forth, readers will enjoy the sizzling chemistry that is burning bright through the pages of SIMPLY THE BEST. While Rory and Clint didn’t have the best relationship, she still cares about him. She is also feeling a little guilty that she may be responsible for what happened. Readers will have to learn why as I’m not revealing that little tidbit. Meanwhile, Kristin shows up in Chicago. Her baby boy is in trouble, and she wants to see him. He’s nowhere to be found, so it’s Rory she latches onto. Kristin and Rory never got along, so how will they survive without killing each other before the end of this tale?

SIMPLY THE BEST is quite simply a rip-roaring read that will have you laughing, crying, and enjoying a tale that will keep you glued to the pages. While part of the Chicago Stars series, it is easily read as a standalone. I compel you to not pass on grabbing a copy of SIMPLY THE BEST, or you will be sorry.

Patti Fischer

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