SOUND OF FEAR - Marta Perry
Echo Falls , Book 2
ISBN:  978-0-373-80369-9
November 2017
Romantic Suspense

Echo Falls, Pennsylvania - Present Day

Veterinarian Amanda Curtiss is devastated at the death of her mother, Juliet.  When her mother's attorney, Robert McKinley, raises questions that Amanda cannot answer, Amanda is suddenly unsure of her future.  It seems that during the autopsy it was discovered that her famous artist mother, Juliet Curtiss, had never borne a child.  So where does that leave Amanda and her inheritance?  Then, on the heels of Robert's shocking announcement, someone breaks into her mother's house, but nothing is stolen.  Amanda's dog, Barney, must have chased away the burglar, as the only damage she can find is one of her mother's paintings on the floor of the den.  But as she picks up the painting, she notices her mother's writing on the back of the frame; the word "memoriam" is written, along with an initial "M" and the date, "1989," and "Echo Falls".  Amanda is suddenly nervous; 1989 is her birth year.  If she is not Juliet's biological daughter, who is she?  So, she asks Robert to set up a meeting with an attorney in Echo falls so that she can investigate.  Amanda doesn't really know what she is investigating, but she is determined to find out why Juliet painted the picture of Echo Falls and dedicated it to whoever "M" is.

Echo Falls attorney Theodore Atler, or Trey, has no idea why he's meeting with this Amanda Curtis, but her attorney insisted it was important that he meet with her.  After Amanda explains her reasons, Trey agrees to help her.  In spite of his warnings, Amanda is determined to go out to the falls, heedless of the danger those high cliffs impose on visitors unfamiliar with the local terrain.  Trey agrees to accompany her and to help her in her search for answers about her birth and the mysterious "M."

SOUND OF FEAR is the newest installment in the Echo Falls trilogy, and it's a suspenseful and heart-pounding romance as Trey and Amanda search for clues to her identity.  When they uncover secrets best left in the dark, the danger multiplies as it soon becomes clear that someone is out to kill Amanda to keep the secrets hidden.

SOUND OF FEAR follows ECHO OF DANGER (May 2017), and book three wrapping up the mini-series is titled SHATTERED SILENCE, and is due out soon, in 2018.

In the meantime, don't' miss SOUND OF FEAR!

Diana Risso