HANNAH'S JOY Marta Perry
Pleasant Valley , Book 6
Berkley Books
ISBN: 978-0-425-24694-8
May 2012
Inspirational Amish Romance

Pleasant Valley, Pennsylvania Present Day

Hannah left Pleasant Valley when she was nine years old. Her father, looking for greener pastures that he never found, took Hannah and her mother away from their Amish roots and all that was familiar. Now in her early twenties, Hannah is back with a new name and a child, twenty-month-old Jamie. Her husband, Travis, lies in Arlington Cemetery, and Hannah is now living with her only remaining family, her aunt, Paula Schatz. Aunt Paula gave her a job in her bakery and a place to live and raise Jamie, but Hannah has no plans to stay in Pleasant Valley, as soon as she can save enough money, she and Jamie will be on their way to somewhere else. She just doesn't know where yet.

Hannah was raised English, and she knows she can never return to her Amish roots and give up the comforts of the English world. Hannah never finished her education; she met Travis when she was just eighteen years old, gave up college to live as a military wife, and never looked back. But now she knows she must finish her education and get a good job so that she can give Jamie a proper future.

William Brand is just a couple of years younger than Hannah, but a speech impediment causes people in Pleasant Valley, including William's own family, to speak for him. They treat him like a youth who is not capable of making his own decisions. Hannah is immediately drawn to William's troubles. She knows she can help him overcome his stuttering, but will he allow her to try? His family sees Hannah as an older woman and English at that, not to mention having a child. The Amish rules about interaction among the sexes are strict, and Hannah needs to find a way to break through that barrier if she is going to help William stand on his own.

Robert Conroy is Travis's father. Retired military, the man is beyond strict and has his own way of dealing with the world, including Hannah. Travis and Robert did not get along. Robert never visited his son, and when they did see each other, they argued. Robert has never taken an interest in Jamie, but now he is making threats about taking her son away. What can Hannah do to stop him?

Insurmountable obstacles stand in the way of any type of a relationship for William and Hannah, but what begins as a simple friendship, quickly turns into love for both of them. William's relatives will never allow Hannah inside their family circle. In their eyes, she can never be Amish again, which puts a thick brick wall between them. And with Robert Conroy threatening to take her son away, citing that she is an unfit mother, the plot thickens. Is there a way around their troubles?

HANNAH'S JOY is the sixth book in the Pleasant Valley series and will be followed by NAOMI'S CHRISTMAS in November 2012. HANNAH'S JOY stands totally alone, and you don't need to read the rest of the series, but I encourage you to do so! (See author's web site, www.martaperry.com )

Wonderful characters dot the pages of HANNAH'S JOY, and the obstacles between Hannah and William seem impossible for them to overcome, but I guarantee a happy ending. All of the Pleasant Valley books come with wonderful recipes and other bonus features.

Don't miss HANNAH'S JOY!

Diana Risso