House of Pleasure/ Simply Series, Book 8
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0-7582-6946-1
August 2012
Erotic Historical with M/M Scenes

London, England – 1826

Young Lady Lucinda Haymore is raped by a would-be suitor while attending a ball one night, her virginity lost and the echoes of her attacker's voice letting her know that soon they will marry. In her haste to get away, Lucinda runs into a mysterious gentleman who assists her. Even in her shocked state she acknowledges her prickle of interest in him. But afterwards, once she realizes that the rapist plans to force her hand in marriage or generate a scandal, she seeks out the one man she can trust—Paul St. Clare, the man who is going to inherit the title of Duke of Ashmolton. Paul has been a dear friend to Lucinda, and now she must convince him to marry her to forestall being forced to marry another.

Paul is shocked—and honored—that Lucinda would turn to him. He knows he will probably eventually need to marry to produce an heir, even though his choice of bed partners is men now. Currently, Paul is involved with Lieutenant Colonel Constantine Delinsky; the two men fought together in the war. After much thought, and feeling it isn't fair to both Lucinda and Constantine, he breaks up with his lover and agrees to marry her. But first, he has to tell her about his enjoyment of having sex with men. Lucinda is shocked, but it soon turns to curiosity. Then Lucinda meets Constantine and discovers he is the man who assisted her after the rape...and her feelings for him have intensified. Could she marry Paul and get a chance to also bed Constantine?

In SIMPLY VORACIOUS, historical society would be shocked to learn what goes behind bedroom doors with male sex and ménages. Or that a man would even rape a virgin to try to gain the upper hand in marrying her. If the deed is exposed, then Lucinda will be forced to marry a man she doesn't love. Lucinda feels boxed in, and the only person she could talk to is her best friend Paul. A marriage between them only makes sense as they are well acquainted with each other, and Paul is the chosen heir of her father (she has no siblings). But lurking off to the side is the rapist with his threats to force her to marry him. Lucinda doesn't reveal his name to Paul as she fears he would kill the man…and he would.

Meanwhile, Paul and Constantine mourn the loss of their sexual relationship, but both realize it is for the best. It is hard to have three in a marriage, yet the curious Lucinda marvels at the possible idea. How did a young, innocent beauty get such wild ideas? Could it be because she is best friends with young Emily Ross, the half-sister of the twins whose mother, Helene, runs the Pleasure House? Lucinda looks to Helene for advice and is aware somewhat of the happenings behind the doors of the Pleasure House, yet she may be in for a shock if she learns the full truth. Dare she ask Paul to give her a guided tour? What about Constantine? Will he be a part of both Paul and Lucinda's marriage?

Kate Pearce creates a tense, emotional tale with this latest from her Simply series. SIMPLY VORACIOUS is the awakening of Lucinda's inherent sensuality and Paul's foray into adulthood as a husband and caretaker. But Constantine is there, in both of their minds. The sex between the men is furious and hot as the raw emotion they feel for each other sizzles. With Lucinda as his wife, Paul wants to treat her like a china doll, but she has other ideas. It soon becomes clear that her sexual appetite just may match his...and Constantine's.

If you love a smoking hot sensual historical, then look no further than SIMPLY VORACIOUS. Lucinda's, Paul's and Constantine's emotions are real, as are their feelings for each other.

Holly Tibbs